Monday, January 27, 2020

Turning the corner?

Moving on to the rest of the project.

I'm moving on down the road, with a bookmark on the acme hole.  Turning down the acme all thread was pretty easy.  It cut smoothly, but it took quite a while on the little Logan.  I had a tapered cut that took lots of spring passes to clean up.  Any big cuts chattered, so I had to take it slow and easy.  The tool pressure pushed the center around a bit if I was too aggressive.

Tiny cuts => tiny chips
Super zoom on the cutter bit.

 Somewhere in the shop, is a 2 morse taper live center, and it's better hiding than I am at finding.  So I pulled out the old wannabe turret tail stock.  If it's not just perfectly timed, it'll wobble.
Old Wiggly

But it fits perfectly in the hole, and is ready for the handle I haven't made yet.
Fits nice, no slop.

I have 3 acme nuts and turned one into an insert.  I figure some locktight will hold it securely.  It's not gonna be torqued on too hard.  At least by me.  I may still try again with another Acme tap.  I'm not in a hurry.
After and before.  Home made nutsert.

Again,  this is fun stuff.  I'm learning some new things, and able to apply a lot of things I'd learned in the past.

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