Saturday, June 25, 2022

Well, that's interesting...

 Ran a quickie speed test on it.  60 cps is the limit I have programmed in the VFD.  Max smoke.  Ran it in high range and got the following speeds with my handy dandy Stewart Warner speedarmature*.


Pot setting        Chuck RPM                                               

10                      sloooow

20                        100

30                        160

40                        230

50                        300

60                        375

70                        450

80                        510

90                        600                        

100                      600


Imma need to increase the max frequency of this here VFD slightly.  I'm also gonna hafta enlarge the scale and the knob.  Fun times.

 Didja know they have things like this on the web??  It's from here

I also found they make some inkjet sticker stock.  This just gets better and better.... From here

And I have knobs.  Lots of knobs.... from my radio daze.  The project is coming along nicely now.  Man what a ride.

*In Longview Texas there was a shop that advertised car repairs.  One of the specialties was "speedarmature" repair.  I don't ever remember seeing a car there in the four years I was in college.  I went by that spot multiple times a week...  Funny what you remember.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Argh! etc..

 My mentor, Spartan-C, gave me a gob of industrial control switches long years ago.  Square D or Siemens Electric type 9001 operators and the associated contact blocks that fit on them.  Pulls from equipment, no doubt.  

I had what I needed, or hoped I did.  I got a few frills from eBay, a red mushroom head for stop, an on off switch, some legends for the buttons, and some inserts for the buttons.  Everything went together fairly well today.

Pay no attention to the 3 reds with the raw ends  They are a whip for the door switch ;)

Double checked everything, all the wiring was correct and tight.  Then I got to the ON / OFF switch.  It was hanging out on the porch about 1400 local (1900 Zulu) today.  

back side  KA2 is red, KA1 is clear
brand new


Remember that little graphic from a few weeks months back?  😲


When I got to the contact blocks, I ran into an issue.  You see, make before break is a thing.  I needed the NO start contact to make BEFORE the NC stop contact breaks.  With two buttons that's easy, just don't fiddle with the stop button when you start it.  But the way those 9001 contact blocks work, it ain't that cut and dried.  I toyed with the idea to trim off the plunger on the K2 NC block.  But I wound up reading the catalog again...

Type K, SK, and KX Electrical Components

...and found the K5.  

BEHOLD!  The mighty K5 delayed break NC contact block.....

Thanks eBay, I'll get one more part.....  I could use a KA4, but those are like twice as expensive as this is.   So, it's working, but not quite to perfection yet...  I just bypassed the KA2-NC stop block.  Oh well, wait a little longer to push it to the wall....

Update:  Atlas Workshop Drill Press

I  finished cleaning the old drill press.  The chuck was pooped.  Rusty, tight, worn out, no key....  So, I dug up one.  Same brand, looks different, had a couple keys and it's smooth.  Good jaws, so the grip is nice.  Decided to buy some wedges to pop off the old one.  Made short work of it.

Exploded diagram?

Need to install the chuck on the spindle, that's a cleaning job and a quick whack with the brass hammer.

Then erl the bushings.  Fit is nice on those, too.  Not a lot of wear in the old timer.  Then a new belt.  I'd like something that is quieter running.  Add a switch to the cord and Bob's your uncle.

THEN.....  I can drill those tiny boogers in the Logan cross slide project that has been gathering dust...  

Every project gets side projects just to keep me honest I guess....

Thanks for hanging out in the shop today, come by anytime.