Monday, June 28, 2021

Unapologetically Anachronistic




Well, I have no qualms about updating the three loyal readers of this blog.  But I'm a bit hesitant to just raise my skirt in public so to speak.  So, I plan to dust off the mimeograph and crank out a newsletter...

Can't you smell that smell?

If you are interested, and have posted here before, I'll send it to you.  Just include a SASE.  Or you can send me an email and I'll fwd it back.  Strictly an offline / online email kind of thing.  Email will come from budgetmachining at proton mail dot somesuch.

Comments to this post will be a poll of sorts.  If any one wants it, it'll happen.  

Thanks for stopping by.

PS  I used two 50 cent words up top to trip up the sensors....

PPS Someone said they were up for it.  I need to tighten it up, but it'll be ready in a day or three.  Thanks for the interest.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Argh, Etc.

Harsh news on the home front.  It has been keeping my mind preoccupied.  Sorry about the lack of new stuffuss.  Preparing my mind for the next steps.  Steps I've never even considered or wanted.  On this, I had no plan B.  May God be merciful to me. 

Didja see this???   


Me, too 

I have been busy.....  honest....

  • Working on a biz plan for the side work I've been doing, so I can keep doing it.
  • Finishing up a project that has broken all desire to ever see a similar device.
  • A few new responsibilities at the day job and a dawning realization that I may never get to retire from it.
  • Rekindling a friendship after a buddy's return from decades overseas.
  • Educating myself about a new diagnosis.  One that I have had since the spark of life.  One that has flavored everything I've ever done.  And is incredibly frustrating to work through.  Oh, there's a pill for that, too? 
  • Working on cleaning up clutter (like my patron saint, Saint Phil the Hoplophile). 

A bit maudlin perhaps?

I surround myself with pictures of men that I remember reading about, men that lived lives worth emulating.  

 Here's one:



He did the best he knew how.  He didn't quit until he was done.  I aspire to that.  I take courage from men like this.  Men that stuck it out.  Men that didn't quit when they were tired. Men that didn't stop until they were finished.  Men that gracefully moved on when it was called for.

Some of you guys that come by to visit, I read what you write on the webz, and I take courage from it.  Know this, that if no one else cares about what you say, I do.  Most of you are brothers, friends I've never met.  Men that live lives that, at least parts of if not most of, are worth emulating.  Folks that I wouldn't mind meeting.... well, once anyway!  Don't want to promise too much...

Last year was a tough one.  This one has a looming shadow that I can't seem to shake loose from.  I understand the image of the hammerfall now.  Waiting....

Working on hope for the future.  Preparing for major changes in my orbit.  

Thanks for caring enough to come by and visit.  I have a tonne of stuff to edit and put up....  Finding the umph has been... difficult.

Side note:  did you know that this was prayed for you?   I did.  I needed to hear it again, too.

John 17

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Soggy Sweltering Muggy

 For you guys that live way up north I thought I'd send you a warm, sultry greeting from down here in south Texas.  I pass this spot a few times every week.

It sure is a pretty place.


Down here, it feels like working in the Jolly Green Giant's armpit.  Or a nice, wet, wool blanket on hot asphalt in direct sunlight in Death Valley in August with some joker steam cleaning you...

I think every wrinkle I've ever had has been steamed out.  I probably look younger than ever.

I may send a note asking when I can come visit.  This is getting ridonkulous.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021


 Working on it...

How do you check spark on a blog?

I have been busy....  Didn't realize how busy until I saw it's been a couple months since posting.