Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Have you ever seen a......

I went to use the four jaw that I got with the Logan lathe, and..... sigh.

It was so dirty, and had chips in the threads.  I couldn't get the jaws to move.  Had to pick out the threads and finally got the jaws out (7mm Allen wrench, 1940's vintage chuck, really?  REALLY?).  I tied the carriers to the jaws, so I didn't lose the mate up.

Yes, really.
Light wear.  Wow!!

It was filthy and a bit rust on the inside.  After disassembly, I soaked it in Zep 505 with boiling water, my goto degreaser...  After a 24 hour soak, a bristle brush and a boiling water rinse, followed by a soak in Evaporust for 12 hours.  Good as new!!

Just a touch of wear

Craftsman 111-21390

post-505 and pre-Evaporust

New product alert.  I'm trying CRC SP-350, a wet lube and antirusting agent.  It is supposed to dry to a film.  Will advise*.  I applied it to the chuck body and back plate. 
Only used once or twice??

Not really chowdered up at all!
The jaws and cheese head screws I soaked in 505, brushed them, and rinsed with hot water again.  Drove off the water with WD-40, and reassembled the chuck.  

It's a beauty.  It is an unused or so lightly used chuck that it looks brand new!!!!

When you get so far ahead of yourself, that you pull the backplate off BEFORE you put in some alignment marks, you can always stick a piece of wire in the mating holes.  Oops.

Jaw 3 has a tight or rough thread, it's a bit hard out near fully opened.  That should work itself out through use.  They don't look damaged.

I didn't expect a "new" chuck for Christmas, but I'm thankful for it just the same.
Quite the surprise!  Happy Christmas!!

*SP-350 dries to a vaseline-like consistency.  I don't know if chips stick to it.  It shows a finger print, but doesn't stick to my finger.  Could be the temp right now.

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