Friday, January 10, 2020

Shop Time!


Storm coming in, so I had to stop the fun time early.  Before I got run out, I got the ends squared and started on the sloped ends of the jaws.  Oh man, it feels good to stand there, and crank handles and listen to the mill, and smell the cutting oil, and just..... yeah.  Oh baby, life is good.

I placed an angle block marked 20 degrees, and I used Mr. Meyer's most excellently constructed machinist clamp to hold it on the fixed vise jaw.  Mr. Meyer, thank you for your commitment to excellence.  It really shows in your tools.

To those gone before, I salute you!
5/16" was the mark on the drawing for the 20 degree slope to leave on the jaw.  The line was laid off with a tool bit that was just there, seemingly waiting for me to use it!

Ready when you are, bud.

I got started on the cuts, and it quickly feel into a rhythm.  Something I've missed for far too long.

Two things I noticed.  First, the stock must've slipped a bit, as the 5/16" mark was below the fixed jaw, so I couldn't finish the cut.  Not sure if I pushed it down due to wimpy vise-ing, or if it slipped when I placed it and didn't catch it.  Second, the bit is hanging out a bit too far.  I'll fix that next session.  It might be a bit loose as well.

Due to the vise interference, I measured the last X axis cut, and found it was about .580 to the fixed jaw, so I took a .550 and then an .020 to finish it as close as I wanted to get to the hardened jaw.  I'll file that off soon enough.

Re-sharp .750 end-mill and 600 rpm.  It was sweet music.  Till the lights flickered and the wind picked up.

Heavy weather inbound, left to right  (WX)

More later.  For sure!

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