Sunday, February 4, 2024


 It has been a while.

Last year was rough.... rough as a cob. 


There is a move coming up and a bit of a gap until I can get the shop back up to speed.  I'm working on a plan to rent the old house for a bit to have the shop down for the shortest amount of time.

More To Follow.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

An Accurate Representation

I've been running like an headless chicken, but not much seems to be getting done.  I'm working to get my house fit for human habitation.  I finally got the "roundtuit", I guess.  I'm rearranging to make it my home.  Now that there is no female in the cottage, I figure it outta fit me.  I've gotten rid of most of the old interior decorator's work.

I think I finally found an accurate representation of my work here at home.  


Saturday, May 20, 2023

Still Kicking

 Had too much family drama.  Something had to give, and this blog was among the set asides.  Hopefully, I'm rested and on my way back to some version of normalcy.

I read something at Peter Grant's place, and it reminded me of the only animal I'd consider hunting in Africa.


Happy Saturday!

Sunday, April 16, 2023

The Last Roundup

 It was strange to see Dad's Deadpool go dark.  Another one headed off to his reward.  He was a daily read for me.  And I will miss him.  

To the Memory of The Man

I do like Rex Allen.  He has a clear voice.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Helping a Brother Out!

Life changing......


 I never knew Ibuprofen could make you itch like a monkey.

Friday, February 17, 2023

You Gotta Try This!!

 Family member is doing better, but I was worn to a nub from all the watchfulness and work to keep them safe from themselves.

Then, I started to sag.  Sneezing, the constant flop of temperature, humidity and barometric pressure was starting a packed sinus that would wind up in an infection.  It was dragging me under....

THEN....  my sister told me about something she made.  She brought a tiny bit by the house and I tried it.  

Play by play:

 1 - tasted really good, and felt good the second I swished it around in my mouth.

2 - felt good when it hit my stomach.  An odd feeling to say the least

3 - was kind of rude, in that it pushed everything ahead of it out, mo ricky tick.

4 - sinus pressure began to decrease, and drainage picked up.

5 - Overnight, sinuses started to work like normal.  Lots of leftovers in the morning kleenex, but I could smell again!

6 - No sneezing, little coughing, and the cough is more productive than it has been since July 2021.  What?!?!?!?

7 - You gotta try this stuff.

Elderberry Syrup

 It may mess with medications, so do your diligence on research.  I noticed a difference in less than a day.  I wasn't doing anything else different.  It really seems to work.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Another Update

 Life is moving quick.  Got a major hurdle over with, and now comes the last sprint to the finish line.  Got certified copies of the decree, now I have to do the leg work (hey, sprint, leg work... ) to get all the things done that have been ordered done.

 Progress not Perfection

I have always been a frustrated perfectionist.  I want to do things to the standard I know I can achieve.  But that usually holds me back, because I may need parts, information or something to make it "perfect".  And that holds everything up.  It's been that way as long as I can remember.  Frustrating.

 Progress not perfection is the new motto.  I can do a lot with what I have on hand now.  So, I'm getting after it.  

west bound on New Year's eve out near Guthrie, TX

There is a lot of sand in the air right now.  Family member is having issues.  It's unfortunate because it appears to be worsening.  Not much can be done, they only receive help involuntarily.  

Life can really suck at times.

New Year's Eve 2022, Lubbock County

But there is beauty to behold.  I'm trying hard to keep my eyes on it.  And hope springs eternal, when your hope is on the right Person.  

Gravity storage facility.  Man, that's tons of iron.  Me want!

It after near being time to be in the shop, and I'm just flat busted on energy.  Family issues keep pulling all the oomph out.    

                        Progress..... not perfection.   

                One step, then another.