Friday, December 31, 2021

Out With a Whimper

This has been a year of setbacks and injury.  Not sad to see it go.  Not even a little.

I had hoped to do 100 posts this year, but I didn't make it.  I still have room to improve next year.
I had hoped to be closer to setting a date for retirement, but it looks like that may have been decided for me.
I had planned to be doing marriage counseling this year, instead I have a lawyer.

I didn't plan on being a cripple, but at this point, I am.  Not done healing yet so there is hope.  Miracles do happen as well.
My Mentor, Mr. Marvin went home this year.  I will miss him.  I have never met a more Godly man.

My sister lost an elderly customer today, 12-31.  He passed on, leaving his wife.  Pray for both of these fine ladies, they are grieving pretty hard.
Kind of a downer year for me.


I have met some interesting and intelligent folks this year.  Glen Filthie, the rabid Canukistanian.  And TB, the man whose name I cannot pronounce, but is a friend, no doubt.  Cedarq, Leigh, John in Philly, ExTex, ERJ and others...  

I have had people I respect and admire give me encouragement and advice:  The Amazing Atomic Fungus of Lee Roy Brown's neck of the woods, Juvat the Courageous Pitot Checker, OAFS, Beans, Phil, Leigh, Glen, TB  

You have helped me through this slough (pronounced slew) of despair.  I'm planning and preparing for the future.  I didn't know if I even had one at times this year.  But I've come to realize, there are no guarantees in life.  And God only promised to walk through this with me, not make every wish and whim of mine come true.  I can see now He has used you to make a difference in my life. You have helped me make sense out of some senseless things.

To all that took the time to advise, cajole, kid, and insult me this year.  I know you wouldn't have taken the time if you didn't care.

Thank you.  

I hope next year runs at normal speed.  This year feels like it's only been a few weeks long.


Friday, December 24, 2021

Music YT

 Remember MTV?  When it had music?  I found something really cool on the UToob.

My kind of music TV.  I was listening to this last night and it brought back a ton of memories.  And look at the THUDS!!!

Remember California Dreamin by the Mommas and the Poppas?

And another of my favourite aeroplanes....  With an unkown tune.  Really cool.

Check out this channel.  It's really cool.  At least to me.  Loads of memories....


Happy Christmas! 

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Super Redneck Toobox!

 Two New Tools for The Redneck Toolbox


Potential Dismemberment Device

I have two new tools for the toolbox.  I traded some unused stuff for a new motor and 5 speed trans for Zoomie the Ford.  Unfortunately, they were attached to a scrap pickup!  One ruined flat on the ground to boot.  How to push this into place for the eventual motor removal and disassembly of all that is still serviceable??  Even in my prime I couldn't push a flat up a rise.

You ever seen anything like this??  It ain't much of a tow bar, but it's a decent enough PUSH bar.  Caution, it'll jack knife if you get too far out of alignment.  Keep your tail lights fairly lined up.

Almost to the jack knife!

Utterly amazing.  It worked a treat first time!  And those couplers.... I've never seen anything like them either.  Pins and not a lever?  Worked fine.  And only 15 bucks each for Class 3(?).  Little scrap of 3 inch channel worked perfectly.

Hinge Die


I don't know if you've seen this guy on YT.  But he is pretty sharp.  Very detailed, and makes quality stuff.  He posted this today, and you can bet, I'll be making one for my toolbox soon.  Take a gander at this.


Bonus Round 


I found a device to make gunsmith or cabinet maker screw driver on ebay once.  I drew it up and made a few.  I'll dig for it, and post pictures in a while.

Have a good day.  I sure am!

Monday, December 20, 2021

District Football

 Story time, I guess.

When the district playoffs start, it's usually pushing into winter weather.  It can get really cold in the panhandle of Texas.  My tuba would be frozen stiff in the fourth quarter after our third quarter run to Allsups for egg nog.  All that spit from half time I'd reckon.  I'd have only one note until I warmed it back up.

Sound out there carries for miles on those cold nights. I remember train horns carrying over 2.5 miles easy, as did the rumble when they passed by.

Dateline: Spur, Texas, 1950's or 60's

An old guy told this long years ago.  He was quarterback of his football team in high school, and got injured.  They let him announce the game as he wasn't going to be healed up in time for the end of the season.  Spur, Texas was in our district.  I've played them there.  Neat place.

Off the caprock, there are some hills.  Nothing like playing in the snow on green grass.

Near the press box

It is a freezing cold, clear night.  They are in the district playoff, and it's almost time to start. The QB said the old PA system had a short in it.  As long as you don't pick it up off the metal table it's okay.  If you do it'll zap you.  The multiple drops after that hadn't helped it any.  He starts the run down, then introduces the pastor of their local church who is to give the invocation.  Before he can warn the pastor to not touch the mic, he grabs it and lifts it off the table.  "GoddddddD--n!!!!" rolls through the night like thunder......  and it is deathly silent after.....  Everyone is looking at the press box.  The pastor is pacing back and forth.  All eyes in the press box are on him.  He makes no move for the mic laying on the table.   THAT was the invocation?!?!?!?!    The QB tilts the mic up and introduces the girl singing the National Anthem.  And it's a football game.  

During a touchdown when every one was cheering, the pastor scooted out of a back door.  The cultural faux pas  was tiny compared to the spiritual one.  When the deacons went to visit the pastor the next day, he had moved out!  Gone!  Disappeared!  No forwarding address.

Pastoral Misconduct Part 2  

Dad was music director at a small west Texas Baptist church when I was turned loose on creation.  


I bet it looks exactly like it did back then

Story goes, the pastor's birthday was coming, and the congregation decided a surprise party was in order.  After Sunday evening services, folks snuck over to the pastor's house and let themselves in.  Lights are off, furniture got moved a bit by the crowd, and here he comes!!!!  sh  shhhh shh.   As he stumbles around in the living room, a curse is uttered in the dark, under his breath.  The lights come on, and the true believers are standing there, in shock. Surprise for EVERYONE.

Deacons met the next day and fired him.  Done, just like that. 

The old days were tough on folks.  Not much forgiveness if you broke the written or unwritten rules.  I don't really like the "anything goes" mentality of today,  but it is a more lenient place than the "nothing slips by" of the past.  It always seemed that to be seen as righteous you had to be merciless, too.

The character of the Master Shepherd

Thank God, He isn't like that.  Don't ever forget that Christmas is remembering God's gift to you.  He knew you couldn't live a good enough life to make it to heaven on your own.  So He sent the Perfect, Eternal Gift.  Ultimately, a sacrifice.  The One that could live a perfect life and impart that perfection to your account.  Because you and I aren't even able to do righteousness without fouling it up.  As you give gifts this year, remember God's Greatest Gift, and that It is yours for the asking.

My favorite artist

 Best wishes for your Christmas

Is all you get from me.

Cause I ain't no Santa Claus -

Don't own no Christmas tree.

But if wishes was health and money,

I'd fill your buckskin poke.

Your doctor would go hungry

An' you never would be broke.


Happy Christmas yall.  I hope we get what we need, and not what we deserve! 

Truly I remain, 

Your friend,



Sunday, December 12, 2021

Life Comes At You Fast...

 Quick Update

Life has been relentless:

Got a court date after asking a question about timing.  I wanted information, I got a deadline.  😑

Health improvements are so slow as to be unquantifiable.  Still get winded after walking to the bathroom too fast. 

I have more stamina.  Able to bounce back after a hard day in less than eight days now.  (hard day = 10 mins light work, 20 mins rest, repeated for a several hours, usually about an hour of work max) That's nice and appreciated.

A project that took me almost a year to finish ends tomorrow.  I hope I never see another one of those things again.  Unless there is major money tied to it.

Fighting with a doctor's office manager to just get the blasted paperwork that I submitted two weeks early and is now 2 weeks late faxed where it belongs.

File This Under If You Need It, Nothing Else Will Work

Had to thread a rod that was oversize, already welded out, and needed to be done yesterday!  So, chuck it in the tailstock drill chuck, gently tighten the four jaw to hold it and provide twist, but not support, set it in the most magical of attachments to the lathe, and get it turned down to size and threaded.

Behold the majesty of the STEADY REST!!

four jaw can hold odd sized stuff, even off center

The steady rest holds long whipy stuff steady way out from the chuck


It is so nice when something goes semi okay.