Saturday, January 25, 2020

Back to Square 6

Okay, let's try a left turn at Albequerque

I was asked why I didn't show the broken tap in the work.  I'm not a practiced bloggerator, so I just went to work, and didn't think to take a picture.  I apologize...  

I stepped back and took a deep breath for a day or two.  I didn't want to abandon the tap in the work, and just redo that jaw.  Seems there was edumacation to be had.  I dug up this tutorial on broken tap removal.  This guy's palaver reminds me of Cockney rhyming.  But he seems to be a sharp cookie.

I was covering for a coworker last week, and didn't feel like running around a new town to find some tools so Am---zoned these:

I ran this around 2000 rpm
I dulled number 1 and 3 getting a dish in the middle of the HSS disaster, and switched to a masonry bit.  That ate it down to the point where a punch would break it out.  This is what's left of the tap and tools.

Now, I can start over!  Every bit of education has a cost.   

Oh no!  Did I run the tap into the bottom of the vise???????????

This blog is about budget machining, not specifically about projects....  But why own this stuff if you aren't gonna use it!!  So if you'll indulge me, I'll finish this up and then head on back to what I've learned about the subject.


Have you SEEN the price of little bitty steel bits at HD or L-wes or TSC??  WOW....  I found a place in Corpus Christi named American Steel and Supply, Inc.  I got some 1/2 inch cold rolled round for 14 clams and tax.  That was about the price of 36 inches of something metallic at HD.  I was allowed to go to the warehouse and poke around the saw area to find some drops.  The full stick (20') came home with me, cutting charge was zip and they even deliver twice a week to SA for nothing extra!!   My last goto for drops is a bit more expensive than that, and there are cutting charges if you want it shorter.  But it's closer than CC.  Knowing that American is sorta close by with decent policies is good to know.   Now I have the rod I need to finish this project and it's straight to boot.  

Next up:  Making that newly opened hole into an ACME threaded hole.


  1. My Dad's answer to broken taps, or broken drills was to smile slightly, leave close and whisper, "I use the EDM at work."

    I'm not so fortunate as he was, and I've had to remove a fair amount of broken taps over the years with skill and methods like what you described.

    I believe that the statement, "I'm going to use an EZ-Out to remove that broken item!" will shortly be followed by the question, "How do I remove a broken EZ-Out?"

  2. I've on had an ez out catch a few times. Never had one break. I wonder if half a tater would be as effective as an ez out??

    If I didn't win on the 2 methods I tried, I was thinking about burning it out at work with a torch. I should keep my eye open for an EDM machine!! Maybe have room for it in the closet....

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