Thursday, September 23, 2021

Brain Dump

This is the brain dump. The place where what I learn will be catagorized, recorded, or just blurbed out so's I can 'memeber it.  

Have you ever found something interesting or intelligent? Then forgot what it was, just that you knew something about something a while back? And all you could do was stutter out a Gumpian sounding, "Well Jenny, I knew it yesterday!"  

If you need something placed here, send it along.  After the editor reviews it, it will assimilated and any evidence of ownership will be removed so that intellectual theft will be complete and untraceable.   Just following the Washington D.C. School of Journalistic Integrity here.  It will be pinned on the bottom of the page.

I give you: Conspiracy Theory, uh....  

 Brain Dump Mod 1.01 Mk 1

Heuristics: replacing the mental model - This post revealed a more accurate understanding of an issue.


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