Saturday, November 28, 2020

99 Suburban update

 Multi-port Fuel Injection update.

Took the first trailer trip with the Sub this past week.  Picked up a drop deck trailer (about 1 long ton empty weight) in *major metropolis* and drove about a 100 miles.  She ran without issue.  Got about 14.5 mpg with excellent throttle response.  Had to pass a dink that pulled out in front of me, and she hit the 75 mph speed limit with ease while passing...  I really do think she got an extra 30 horses or so on the replacement / upgraded fuel injectors.

Loaded up the newest of the tools and came on back.  I babied her, not much over 65 mph on the return leg.  Fuel mileage was about 13 mpg with a well balanced 4500 lb trailer load and another 400 in the back end of the Sub.  A delightful trip, if a bit long, no doubt.  About 330 miles with nary a hiccup.

She's a runner.  Title transfer next week, and hope to finish up the 7 way trailer connector / trailer brake controller this weekend, depending on Phil's rain that showed up last night.  Gravy, the drops were this size of eggs this morning.

New Tools!

Got a new addition to the shop.  It's a bit older than I am, but it's been gone through by a pro.  She looks sweet and I can hardly wait to get it up and making chips.  

She needs some reassembly, but that's no hill for a climber.

Hoping to get the paperwork done this next month on the LLC, tax id, and bank account to make this a sho'nuf enterprise.  I'll keep you posted on that.

Lots of liquid sunshine today, and more work than I can think about right now.  I may be getting wet to stay on track for what I want to get done.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting.  I appreciate it.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Merry Thanksgiving Play by Play

next up:  a favourite of mine.

from here.

Merry Thanksgiving

Looking back over this year is encouraging.  It is inevitable that tragedy will befall you.  How you react to it will expose your character.  Some of what I did was encouraging, some of what I did wasn't.  But I learned quite a bit about myself this year.  And I have a few changes to make long term, and some short term.  I've found some new limitations, and some recently opened unexplored territory.  So I've got that going for me..... heh.

Back in the day...

Dad always took Thanksgiving off.  We'd usually pack up and run to Oklahoma to visit relatives.  That was our vacation.  Man, what fun.  Out at the farm, watching the uncles playing 42, roasting peanuts, running in the sand, picking grass burrs out of your socks and shoes. Cousins, hundreds of cousins...  Grandma and Grandpa laughing, their eyes sparkling.

just as I remember them...

Food was always excellent.  The company was farmers, ranchers, school teachers, farm wives, policeman, secretary, welder....  Basic America.  Conversations were about family, farming, weather...  I loved it.  I'm thankful I grew up at that time, and in that place, with these folks as my family.

When I had my own kids at home, we always took time to cook and eat together.  Times were lean, and other times weren't.  It's a real roller coaster of memories in there.....


Today's project is a turkey, deviled eggs, green bean cassarole, and maybe an apple pie. 

fold the wingtips under to help support it

Unwrap, disembowel, and wash with water.  I usually stick an onion in the cavity.  Rub butter all over the carcass.  Then it's time to spice it.

salt, pepper, garlic powder and...


Oh, and some cayenne and chipotle just lightly dusted on top.  Then into the bag.

roasting bag

Those roasting bags are amazing.  First time the son-in-law tasted some breast meat cooked this way his eyes glazed over.  Not everyone knows about these things.  They are worth it.  Desiccated bird meat isn't that palatable.

I'm thankful for you.  You stop in, read my ramblings, and leave a comment.  Means the world to me.  The interactions this year have been points of light in a very dark time.  The few seconds you jotted down a thought for me helped me immensely.  And I appreciate it.  You helped me through some darkness.

That's the first chapter today.  I may post again in a bit when I start the next dish.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Thanks TB

TB had a great picture up this am.  I really did like it.  Even had a sentiment on it.


My kids were on the way to Uvalde yesterday, and my daughter sent this via text.  I used to call my dad and visit when I saw a sight like this.  That was back when I was running the roads as a salaried professional and he was on this side of his reward.

Earth Turn - 17 Nov 2020 - John Nance Garner country

When the close of day explodes into color at the end is my favourite time.  I used to stand out at the barn when I was a kid and watch the earth turn.  I usually had my Instamatic with the 120 color film in it.  Those little fixed focus cheapies could take some stunning pictures with good film.  And the 120 format was bigger than the 110 giving a better image.  I loved those little Kodacs.

 I doubt anyone remembers Cactus Jack Garner.  He had some choice things to say about being FDR's vice president.


Not really a haiku.  But there ya go...

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Update on the 99 Sub

 Well, she made it without a hiccup.  Ran like a scalded dog all the way there and back again.  About 250 miles round trip.  Down here, that distance is like going to the store.  Nothing much I'm interested in is close.  Well, except the SHOP....

I took a welder over and dropped it off, came back with a few drops of 4140, some great goodness and some flotsam and jetsam.  I'm a happy camper, man.

She's a runner! 

Does she look like a "Sweet Pea"?  Cause she sure runs sweetly now.  And that throttle response is right on!!  If your CSFI dies off, the MPFI is worth doing.  It feels like I have 30 more horses under the hood.  Nice performance enhancement and an upgraded fuel system.

Yeah, it might not be a Plymouth but it's a Texas Road Runner all the same!

Sunday, November 1, 2020

All Hallows Day

Life seems to have hit 5th gear, dropped the clutch and is smoking tires at 90....

Gravy, two weeks since the last post?

99 Suburban:

I figured having a truck with a/c would be nice down here.  I'll have to fix the a/c to have a/c, but no hill for a climber.  The main thing, it was in love with my son-in-law.  I'd try and start it, and it would stumble for a second then quit.  Over and over and over and over.......  He'd come over and it's zoom zoom, what's the problem?

Phil and I both learned the same way, too poor to have anyone else do it.  I grew up on a little hobby farm, but worked for sho' 'nuf farmers.  I learned a lot from dad, and then got graduate level study after school working for Butch, Tommy, and Tim.  

I dug out my "normal issues" checklist and started in. New coil and you've seen the cap and rotor, plugs and wires.  Waited for the spider, and it came in and sat due to life pulling a few more surprises. 

Difficult to reach, so went with name brand parts

 Seven hours of fun and games last Saturday, and it's in.

last time it sees daylight

It started and choked on hairballs, carb cleaner and silicone spray, but finally caught and ran.  Every time I stick the key in it, it starts right up.  So far...

Success.  Should I replace the fuel pump, too?  Hmmmmm....

Today is it's first run of a 100 miles one way.  We'll see how she does.

99 Yukon:

Got a prod on the Yukon project.  Finally got the carrier bearing races off.  Ye gods, they want an arm and a leg for a puller.  So, we went with an abrasive touch.

Hardly scored the carrier

Still need to press on the bearings and start on the pinon and crush sleeve install.


I am in need of some extra coin, so extra work is in order, I guess.  I'm a bit shy to sell plasma or a kidney, so sweat and sore muscles is the order of the day.
Tuesday we went north for 4 hours and picked up the new project.  
31 degrees F and misty rain = ICE!
icicles on the sign in OCTOBER!!!

Five machines that need to be built from incomplete kits.  Might even work into an ongoing concern / maintenance opportunity.

List of needs:

- that lathe I promised to buy
- an LLC, with all the headaches that brings
- free nights and weekends to get the work done
- no more health issues to slow me down
- no more OT getting in the way
I could hit this running if I was retired, but no way to get to retirement yet.  
So, no more goofing off after work.  Second shift is ramping up for production!!