Friday, February 17, 2023

You Gotta Try This!!

 Family member is doing better, but I was worn to a nub from all the watchfulness and work to keep them safe from themselves.

Then, I started to sag.  Sneezing, the constant flop of temperature, humidity and barometric pressure was starting a packed sinus that would wind up in an infection.  It was dragging me under....

THEN....  my sister told me about something she made.  She brought a tiny bit by the house and I tried it.  

Play by play:

 1 - tasted really good, and felt good the second I swished it around in my mouth.

2 - felt good when it hit my stomach.  An odd feeling to say the least

3 - was kind of rude, in that it pushed everything ahead of it out, mo ricky tick.

4 - sinus pressure began to decrease, and drainage picked up.

5 - Overnight, sinuses started to work like normal.  Lots of leftovers in the morning kleenex, but I could smell again!

6 - No sneezing, little coughing, and the cough is more productive than it has been since July 2021.  What?!?!?!?

7 - You gotta try this stuff.

Elderberry Syrup

 It may mess with medications, so do your diligence on research.  I noticed a difference in less than a day.  I wasn't doing anything else different.  It really seems to work.