Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Float Lock Vise 2

Making Chips is fun

I got back to making chips the other evening.  Adding the holes in the exact spot needed this time.

Finding the edge

center drill

1D10T check:  0.625" = 5/8" = Go 

Mr. Pete stacked them and did them together.  I did NOT do it that way, so there will be some error.  I checked the lengths, and they need to be adjusted, so that'll happen post-holes.  heh..

I found some no name parallels at a pawn shop a few years back.  10 bucks as I recall, and the money jumped out of my pocket and met my hand in midair.
Very inexpensive but good

Sizing the hole accurately

Got part one clamped down, and both holes run through.  I found a set of reamers some time back, barely used.  I have a lot more, but they are all odd sizes, that I haven't cataloged very well.  Another project for a rainy day.

After getting the holes in, time for deburring.  I found a great set of deburring cutters on the auction site we all know about, and they work very well.  I remember them being extremely cheap.  Another lucky hog moment on 'bay.

Weldon - quality

Deals can be had if you are patient.  I have always paid more than I wanted if I get impatient.  Make your list, keep it close and save some searches so you get notified if something comes up.  And you won't wind up with 5 of the same thing because you forgot if you already had 4...

Ready to tap

Now where is that Acme tap?

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