Thursday, January 30, 2020

Story Time

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Ashe Juniper - Juniperus ashei - mountain cedar

Snot Locker is Open!

It's snot season in south Texas.  That green weed up in the picture is the reason.  When the cold front blows in, it brings the pollen.  And freely shoves it up your nose.

After a day of work, I come home with my head in a vise.  Apologies to AvE.

In the mid 90's, I worked for a wealthy man.  He owned a couple sections out near Utopia, TX.  He had spent considerable time and effort to make his paradise resemble the Texas of the late 1800's.  It was a pampas, a rolling plain of waving grass sprinkled with oak motts.  He had audad sheep, and some exotic deer as I remember.  It was a beautiful place, and it had very little juniper on it.

There was a rumor floating around then that the juniper was about to be classed as protected.  It supposedly harbors some little bird or something.  And the .gov was going to forbid it's removal.  Dozer's were running in high gear to dig out as much of that stuff as possible.  As a result of all this horticulture, springs that were mentioned by the old timers started flowing again.  It grows like weeds up in the hill country / Edwards Plateau.  And it appears to be a water sponge. 

That nasty plant is a bane on civilization.  And if you look it up, you'll find folks saying it got a bad rap.  It's really not that bad, or evil, or.....  I think it should be burned with fire.  I fantasize about funeral pyres in every field, and never seeing this plant again...  If it had feelings, I chop it down to hear it holler....  (fret not, it's an old saying)

I'm holding my own n the snot wars so far, but it sure has been a drain on my blog posts. Ha, drain... how appropriate.

More to follow....

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