Friday, January 31, 2020


How much for the book?  

How about the whole stack?

One thing I've had a hard time quitting is books.  Yeah, I'm a book lover.  Bibliophile.  I have a collection, and they run the gamut.  They are tangible tools, always available, even when the electricity is off or the internet is down.  I can't say no.  When I was in college, the library would often have tables of books for sale.  A dollar or two.  As a married student with 2 little kids and a 14 hour semester load, I shouldn't have bought any....  But some of them came home every time I left the library....

Some of my friends...

The information they contain is priceless.  And I usually need it.  Now.  Tomorrow latest.

Some of these were my used college text books.  I never sold them back.  Too important to lose.

While in the middle of the vise build, my head is already planning the next project.  It's an organic Gantt chart.  I'm sure you find yourself in the same boat.  I am, at times, ignorant of concepts that I need for the next one.  So I have to go to the library....

And some of my library was a gift.  There were dirt dauber nests on more than a few books...  But I don't care.  That comes off easily.  The silver fish were another story.  I took a trash bag, a bit of diatomacious earth, and a pile of books.  Dusted the trash bag with the DE, then added the books, and sealed it up tight.  DE cuts the carapace of insects and they dry up and blow away.  A few weeks soaking in DE, and the books are ready for the library.

The top one is a treasure. 
When I am in dire need of illumination, these books are the ticket.  The top one says it belongs to a Mr. Ralph AABBCC.  Thanks for entrusting this to me, Mr. Benefactor.  The #22 Handbook was a pawn shop find....  Yes, $10 for the most useful book you can have if you work metal.  Paid cash.  That tenner met my hand in midair...

I find my books at used book stores, antique stores, pawn shops, ebay, and other online used book stores.  Like Goodwill.  Yes, they sell online and they ship.   Oh, and Don'tBeEvil books.  I find the old stuff there. 

You do have a list of needs / wants on your pocket moleskin, right?  It even remembers my wild ideas that come up in the middle of lunch.

My memory is as good as the paper its written on!  Until I misplace it.


  1. Doggone,
    I recognize some of them books. They must have sprouted legs and left my place!

  2. Yes sir, great reads of past days...

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