Saturday, January 11, 2020

I forgot.*

*Disclaimer: not to be used in conversations with the IRS.

Press record, now.... or not.


I got so excited to work in the shop, I forgot to take pictures.  

Finished the slope on the jaws, then moved to the step on top.  That was a 3/8 4 flute end-mill, .100 first pass, then .088 on the second.

Next up was my first use of a mill drill.  It's a 90 degree point end mill. .500 in diameter.  Watch Mr. Pete use it.  It's a fragile tool, so I followed his lead.

Ebay capture, .500 mill drill.  20 samolians.

It worked a treat.  

I need to get some more Acme holes ordered.

I'll do better.  Honest.  Boy it was fun in the shop today.

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