Sunday, March 29, 2020

Tumico Terror

What the everlasting heck is going on here.

I finally got some time to work on these micrometers, and the soak didn't make any difference on the ratchet releasing.  I'll have to power that off, I guess.

There is a restaurant supply house down here, Ace Mart.  They have the neatest stuff for the shop.  This red tray is one thing I got for 3 bucks.  Works a treat for this kind of stuff.

So the tap threaded in with no wiggles or effort....  No sweat at all.  I was sure it was the nut, because no other spindles would thread in there.  So it's time to change tack, again.  I'll pull the nut out, and give it a closer inspection.  I need to figure out if the spindle comes apart, to check the male thread on it. 

Neat project.  I should be a micro-expert after all is said and done....  Or the destroyer of a recalcitrant tool....  Time will tell.


  1. I continue to think about using the heat and cool cycle to get some parts movement to help in freeing up the fine threads.
    I have discontinued thinking about liquid nitrogen and turned to something we all have.
    The internet thinks that a deep fat fryer is in the ball park of 375F.
    The internet says that premium synthetic oil flashpoints can be as high as 500F.

    I'm guessing that a food oil test would be fairly easy to do, and a quench in ice water should get some movement.
    DO NOT put the wet mic back into the hot oil!
    (I know you know that, but just in case)
    If the experiment fails, you can make french fries.

  2. Hahaha.... I love it. I may yet give that a shot.

    My buddy is high school was a dirt biker. His dad was too. He told me his dad was in a group that road up in New Mexico once and camped out. The forgot to bring any butter or oil, and some one tried to fry an egg with Yama-lube. I missed the food-oil test part.... I was thinking of Amsoil fries.