Saturday, March 28, 2020

PSA Harold Hall

Harold Hall

Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Harold Hall.  A machinist that makes models, and very useful tools.

He has a youtube channel:

and a website:

He has authored multiple articles and a few books.

He is heading toward 87, and I just found out he is no longer answering emails.  I had talked with him via email a few times, and he is a treasure.

I planned to make some of his projects, and will at some point.  I own the books he's written, and his work is bookmarked on every pc I own.

I guess this is a PSA, as I don't know how long his website will stay up after he is gathered to his people.  Cruise over and take a look.  If you are the least bit interested in metalworking, you will find a time sink.

That man's mind was creative. 

No money changed hands, I just want you to see this man's work before it goes away.

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