Sunday, March 15, 2020

Long night

 I had the best of intentions yesterday.  Planed on a bit of wiring, then a little work on the Tumico Tragedy.  But got an emergency handed to me.

I lieu of real work, here's another project.  It will be coming up in the future.

I plan to make a print of this, if I can get some expert help from a mentor.

I give you..... beauty in form and function:

It is a good taper turning attachment to the little Logan 200.  Mr. Garcia had started on making one of his own, and it's on the back of the lathe.  I haven't had the heart to remove it.  Sentimental I guess.  But, it's heading out, now that the real deal is here. 

The man that I got it from showed me some of his work.  A machinist for over 35 years, he reconditions machine tools to better than new.  It was amazing to get a guided tour of the shop.  Here's a taste of his work and a finger nail couldn't discover the edges:

Sometimes, you find the neatest people that will surprise you with their talent, skill and vision.

Another ED visit.  Late into the night.  I'm a bit "grudo" this morning.  Down in south Texas that means "raw", although normally used to describe hung over.  It wasn't Al K. Hall, it was a long, hard push last night.  Where does energy come from when you're whipped at 1900 and you run at max smoke until 0230?  Man oh man, grudo.


  1. All of that ornamental art work doesn't make that lathe run better!😁
    What you need drawn up?

    1. I'll get with you soon. I plan to measure it out, like the vise drawing. It'll do me good to get my mind off the other stuff going on.

  2. Very nice score and the gentleman does beautiful work.
    Like a paint job on a Hot Rod, it doesn't make it run any better but the aesthetic beauty makes it much more pleasurable to use.

    1. You nailed it. He's a tough as slick paper in the outhouse, but he is a master craftsman. It was a treat to walk around his shop and get the guided tour. Thanks for coming by.