Tuesday, March 24, 2020

New Normal?

Running like an ID10T lately.  Have a neato letter, "Dear LEO, please stop shooting and / or allow the bearer of this letter to get up off the ground, pass Go, and get out of jail free.  He's essential!!"

So, the job keeps on going.  Thankfully.  Allowing me to expand the library, and check on my people in the hinterlands.

New book for light reading:

The author teaches/taught in Bangalore. Copyright is 1994.

The copy I found is brand new, with zero wear.  I was probably the first to own or open it.  Nice score for $2.50.  Great source of information with the formulas and work.  Rivets, Tribology, Pressure Vessels, Power Boiler Design everything a budding 19th century engineer could want or need. 

As with any "do it all" book, it's brief and to the point.  No fluff.

What to do?

They say to keep a six foot buffer, no more than ten in a store, cover your mouth your cretin, etc.  Reminded me of a song, especially the second verse.

Enjoy some light music, my treat.

And a fun one, cause I almost blew coffee when I heard this.  You have been warned....

Take care and have fun.

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