Wednesday, March 4, 2020

For my NEXT trick....

Well, things have been apoppin around the shop.  Like all around it, not in it.

Hospital visits, doctor visits, and some attic work to remove the last remnants of knob and tube.

But, finally, some shop time (so my wrist can feel better)....

If there was any doubt about that steel paint bucket, it sealed perfectly.  And the AA (Acetone-ATF) got a bit warmer, so the lid nearly popped off when I got it loose.

Fished out number one with a magnet, and here it is dripping wet outta the soup.

There was a pronounced odor from the AA.  And it had a hint of sulfur.  Weird ...

I took my almost done for strap wrench, the old welding glove and a set of Knippix that i found years ago, and it turned loose without much effort.  Yes!!!!

Then number two, and it was a ditto!

Then number three, the one incher, and it balked.... hard.  Nope, no way.  Not moving.  So I cinched down on the strap, moved the pivot in a bit, made my grunt face, and................
I filled up the knurling with old rubber.  Took every thing in a notch, and it finally let go with a whimper. 

There appears to be no scoring on the machined parts, so it's a win win win......

 Wiping down the parts, I got that whiff of sulfur again.  Hmmmm..... I'm a trained observer, so lets observe:

Stinks like sulfur, pawn shop in Texas, near the Eagle Ford, black mcnasty all over the rag...  Shoot.  Oilfield use, I'm guessing.  And that black gold down here has H2S all over it, as well as a billion other Sulfur compounds.  I wonder if it was water that caused the rust, maybe crude oil.

Bagged them up and on to the next step.   Disassembly of the thimbles....

Next time, Gadget, next time.


  1. See, crossing my fingers worked!

    I had an idle thought, instead of heat, I wonder what a couple of cycles of super cooling and then slow warming would accomplish?

    You could pack the mics into a small cooler with a couple of blocks of dry ice, but I was thinking that immersing them into a tub of liquid nitrogen would be so much more fulfilling!
    Note: Don't bump the mics into anything after the liquid nitrogen treatment, and don't reach into the bubbling nitrogen with your fingers!

    I wonder what a gallon of liquid nitrogen costs?

    1. I may have start a request line. I can do the dry ice, grocery store down the road has some. Liquid nitrogen, would probably cost me my toes. I do remember that a banana in that stuff would pound nails like the best hammer can.

      Let me think.....