Sunday, December 4, 2022

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Brown and Sharpe 0 Dividing Head

I finally saved up for one of these.  And it's here.  The BS-0 dividing head.  These are so useful for creating gears, flutes and splines.   I found an old one at the Rodent Urinal and Machine Shop years ago.  It was beat on, and rusty and I could never get it to work.  So I got this one.

This is on Ebay, same model and manufacturer

Now, a well known issue is the unit is full of chips and grit from manufacturing.  Mine has a very stiff chuck.  I reckon it's just like every other one out there.  Double plus ungood is the back plate is so tight, there isn't an easy way to remove it.  This 'tuber had that issue.


He didn't detail how he did it.  Just said a spanner and an impact.  I don't want to break anything so I'm working on a brake I can make with pins that goes along side of the housing and catches two of the holes in the direct indexing plate.  I thought about catching only one hole in the plate, but I don't know if it will be strong enough to hold against the torque.

Those two, or the one in the middle?  hmmmmm.....


Had to do some measuring to see what I need to make.  And I came up with this on my thinking pad.

I really don't know how close the two holes are to the flat side of the body of this thing.  So, I need to make two pointy bits to fit into the marked holes and make a scratch on a rectangular piece of steel.   Then, I can make the proper placed and sized holes to slip the pins in and hold the spindle from turning.  Maybe I can chuck up some hex and use it like a bolt head to try and removed the chuck and plate.  

There is another owner down in Austrailia that showed pulling his apart, and the bearing on it was gritty.  He made some additional parts and got a new bearing for it.  He also made a pin spanner for the back nut.  That was pretty wizard.

All Bundy Bears Shed videos about the dividing head are real time.  He doesn't speed anything up that I remember.  He shows some detailed lathe work making the parts he wanted.

I need to quit putting things ahead of the pantograph.  I got the itch to get that done, other things seem to pop up as well, but they don't scratch the pantograph itch.   Not by a long shot.


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    1. It sure is! I think Vevor, and almost every other no name brand is made in the same factory. They have the exact same instruction manual. If you step up to the next level, it's 3 to 4 times as much as this one. I can deal with a cheaper version, I think.