Friday, December 9, 2022

Thread Gauge?

 I decided to make a little "thread gauge" out of the back plate "handle" I made yesterday.  It looks pretty cool doesn't it?

No chatter on the threads, some tearing on the face cut

I really do like that lathe.  And those knurls are sharp.  They really grip right back.  I need to work it over a little with a file.  I does have a few spots that might get a little too close to you.

What do you think?


  1. Replies
    1. It did okay on my brush country TLAR scale. It fits the Logan lathe face plate well. I didn't try the 3 jaw.... wait one..... Okay, it's a sloppy fit on the 3 jaw back plate. I was .010" under on the major diameter compared to the dividing head spindle and .002 under on the pitch diameter per the Handbook. I'll go back tomorrow and check the spindle thread diameter on the Logan.

      It doesn't really fit the back plate on the Chinese dividing head, but it will go in about 3 threads (3/8"). I'm not sure if it's the diameter or the thread pitch or a combo problem. I may play with that tomorrow and find out for sure.

      I'll just photocopy the certification from the dividing head and tell everyone it passed their tests.... ;)