Saturday, June 25, 2022

Well, that's interesting...

 Ran a quickie speed test on it.  60 cps is the limit I have programmed in the VFD.  Max smoke.  Ran it in high range and got the following speeds with my handy dandy Stewart Warner speedarmature*.


Pot setting        Chuck RPM                                               

10                      sloooow

20                        100

30                        160

40                        230

50                        300

60                        375

70                        450

80                        510

90                        600                        

100                      600


Imma need to increase the max frequency of this here VFD slightly.  I'm also gonna hafta enlarge the scale and the knob.  Fun times.

 Didja know they have things like this on the web??  It's from here

I also found they make some inkjet sticker stock.  This just gets better and better.... From here

And I have knobs.  Lots of knobs.... from my radio daze.  The project is coming along nicely now.  Man what a ride.

*In Longview Texas there was a shop that advertised car repairs.  One of the specialties was "speedarmature" repair.  I don't ever remember seeing a car there in the four years I was in college.  I went by that spot multiple times a week...  Funny what you remember.


  1. Send me a few of those radio knobs!!!! I need some about 1-1/2" diameter. These itty bitty ones I have just don't have the feel of a big knob.

    1. I have to find them now. I know which area they are in, but it's like hunting submarines. It may be easier to just make a new one!!

  2. Hope those vinyl stickers work. May work better on a horizontal surface than vertical surface in this South Texas heat. You know what I mean... Print me up one too. I have A-C in my shop.

    1. No sweat! I'll get one for you. The small dials are 300 degrees of sweep. Want a redline?? Better yet, make one and shoot me the pdf. I'll print it up fer ya's.

      Plan is to shoot some mat clear over the whole panel once it's done, to aid in sealing and cleanup of dirty fingerprints.

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    1. I always listen to experience. I need more info. Fire when ready, Gridley!