Thursday, June 23, 2022


 It's a usable lathe now.  Thankfully!  

I ordered an enclosure to put the vfd in (20 bills from a known supplier of horrifically used and abused equipment).  It wasn't in bad shape at all, but the switch was damaged after the sale pictures were taken.  I've got one on order.  I also need to add the contactor so the new switch has a purpose.

Programming this thing was fun.  I just had to read through the manual a bit.  But you do have to infer a lot for the interesting bits.  

Fer instance:

If you have a remote keypad, you don't need to set a switch or even make a software change.  It's automatic.  That tidbit isn't explained.


If you use a normally open switch that is momentary, it won't keep the vfd running.  That is set by the 3-wire setting.  And then you have to change the start stop to terminal not keypad.  BUT, not really clear where those changes are made.  YT rescued me with that one.  E01 set to 7 seems like the proper function (stop button = coast to stop), BUT.....  that has to be 6 (3-wire operation)  Oh, I forgot to update the cheatsheet.  Yipes!

And it's a runner!!!

I even found some legends for the buttons.  Profeshinous!*

The lathe is fine, but my shot was crooked.  Does that look a little straighter?

Ford gray panel (Majic spray paint from TSC) on a machine gray lathe.  I guess that lathe paint doesn't looks so blue now.  I wonder if I have cool white lights in the shop?  Been so long, I don't rightly know.

It was another 100 degree day and it was stupid hot.  Yesterday wasn't blistering hot, there was a bit of a cool breeze blowing all day, even though it was 100 or so.  Two days, similar temps, perceived temps waaaaay different.

I'm wasted...  Off to ye olde bedstead...

*Apologies to this dude.  I try to type professional and I hear his spiel instantly in my mind.


EDIT:  This is something I just found.  If you use the Fuji Frenic Mini, these application notes are very important to a successful implementation of your VFD.

Fuji Application Notes


  1. Looking good!!!

    When you get that E-stop button to work let me know, i want that for my lathe. Wait! you got to have that blooming resistor for that! Don't you?

    1. Yes sir! E-stop requires a resistor. I found a company that made mine for 40 bills. Beat the 200 that the Fuji unit costs now. And I'd be happy to do an E-stop for you.

      As it is now, this is just a stop button and it is set to stop in 6 seconds. Not really coasting to a stop, so I'm gonna have to retrain the brain to not use the hand wheel that doesn't exist on the Sheldon. The LeBlond had that polished hand wheel on the left side to slow down the chuck.

  2. Replies
    1. It has taken a long time to get here. I always underestimate how long things will take. But boy is it sweet when it's done!! Thanks TB!