Sunday, June 5, 2022

Multiple Fronts

I'm trying to fight on multiple fronts.  Got stuff inside and outside that need attention, each is a Priority 1.  It's hard enough trying to meet my own deadlines.  And then I get this cool letter on the door:  "The city will be milling your street in preparation for resurfacing.  Please move all vehicles......"  Took an afternoon to get stuff moved around to make room.    

Grand Theft Auto video game reference

I slept like a dead man that night.

Shop Update:

Working on the VFD and enclosure during hot afternoons.  That has been a long, stringy project.  Too many other things getting in the way.  Hopefully today will see everything mounted and a test out.  But that'll be later this evening.  After the 102° F fades into the 90's.  Blistering hot this June so far.  Takes about an hour or so to dry a pair of jeans on the clothesline.  I thought I had some solid #10 for the VFD, but I only have stranded.  And it was a "hey, don't throw that away!" score.  I never get stranded wire to look right when I try and route wires.  It has a mind of it's own.  Makes pretty swept curves, but not right angle bends that my head wants to see.  I need to find some tie wrap bases.

 I have a couple holes to punch into the cabinet for motor wiring and control wiring going up to the head stock. But that's no hill for a climber.... I hope. I need to add a contactor after the breaker, but that's gonna wait for a day or three.  When it shows up, it'll be installed, and we should be done.  I need to put the junction box for the L16-30 receptacle on the wall, and that needs a 60mm hole punched in it as well as the three #8 clearance holes for mounting screws.

Kitchen Work:

Got the bacon smoked today.  One good thing about brining meat is a day or two extra soak won't hurt it.

Smoked with apple wood chips for about 45 minutes, then left at 150° F for about an hour.  Its cooling off now and will hit the freezer this afternoon.  Ready and waiting.... The kitchen smells so rich right now.

Next up will be some Polish style pork loin.  Back when they were cheap I bought one every time I went shopping.

Smoke is antibacterial I found out.  So it kills the germs that cause bad breath.  Or maybe rot.  I don't put pink salt in this stuff as it's easy enough to freeze.  But I did order some for sausage.  Eventually, that'll be on the agenda.  That'll be the real deal: cured smoked sausage.


  1. Chipping away at the stone buddy, that's how we have to do everything now.
    Too many dang things demanding our attention RIGHT NOW!
    You are going to love that VFD when you get done though.
    Oh yeah one more thing.
    Nice job!

    1. Thanks Phil! I saw that Smithy retrofit. Very nice. Got me off dead center to start pushing in the shop again. Yeah, I drive myself hard enough. When someone else pops up, it's too much.

      That bacon smells so good...

  2. Awesome, STxAR! Can't wait to see it up and running!

    Weird, I can poop in the comments from my computer downstairs, but get flipped off when I try to use the damn iPad.

    1. Hmmm..... I have a theory about those products... involving makeup, a tutu and some ballet slippers.