Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Taking a bath....

The Terrible Tumicos

Well the Tumico micrometers soaked for 26 hours in Evapo Rust.  I didn't know that was a coffee flavor too....  Hmmmm........

Not even on a dare...
 Okay, so pull one out, then hot water rinse, scrub the spindle with a scotch brite pad, rinse with hot water again, then dry and oil with Kroil "the oil that creeps".

hot rinsed after scrubbing

2 to 3 inch oiled

Top shelf goodness

Get after it creepy!

After doing them all, the thimbles are still stuck solid.  So they get soaked for a day or so in Kroil and I'll give it another shot tomorrow.  I don't want to ruin the threads if they are salvageable.

Then I had a question:  Since the pawn shop listed these as 'clamps', yeah, I couldn't believe it either.....  did some bubba try and see how tight he could twist them??? 
Yeah, tightened a bit past snug.
So, the one inch mic may be a fun one to spring on the unsuspecting.  Cause it may be sprung from being cinched tight.  And people want to know why they can't borrow tools from hoplophiles (tool lovers).

the 1 to 2 inch looks promising.

right out of the evapo rust.  Waiting for a scrubbing and a hot water rinse.

I don't worry about the color.  I've found that hardened steel turns black in this solution.  My guess is leaching iron from the steel right at the surface, or maybe staining from the FeO2 that gets chemically converted.

That evapo rust is nicer than vinegar.  Vinegar gets skunky after soaking steel in it.  I don't even like the smell of it after use.  It has a metallic yuk factor of 99+.  Not usable in the kitchen.  I found that out the hard way.

And using the kitchen sink? Not a problem with evapo rust. I have the only wife in North America that likes it when I smell of oil.  Unless it's gear lube.  The sulfur isn't attractive to her for some reason!

I doubled up a trash can liner under the paper towels to keep the bacon from tasting like the shop.  I am a classy man of particular tastes...  classy... yeah.  Shop project in the kitchen...hoo boy. 

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I wonder about evaporust in an ultrasonic cleaner?
    Or Kroil in an ultrasonic cleaner?

    Maybe a bit of torch heat, then cool, then heat to get some movement and breaking up the rust?

    Thanks for the tip on Evaporust, I will have to open the container and give it a try.

    1. I would like to get an ultrasonic cleaner at some point. A heated one sounds good. I'll break out the propane torch as a last resort.

      And you did a good job of foreshadowing the co-star of the show! That can of Kroil is probably old enough to get a permit to drive. I got it from an estate, and it's still mostly full.

    2. I had to get a second small can of Kroil. It seems the first can has gone into the Witness Protection Program and I cannot find it anywhere!

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