Tuesday, February 18, 2020

No, that is NOT gonna work...

I had some time today, so i dropped by a pawn shop I'd not been to in months.  "Hey, is that a wooden box up there? Oh, yeah, lets look at it." 

Neat, Tubular Micrometer Company box

Some well meaning person wrapped these tools in plastic wrap to hold the moisture in and keep the dry air out.  I felt pity for whoever did that.

I've never see this method of 'protection' before

Oil is the ticket.  Light instrument oil.  Starrett M1, Rem Oil, motor oil.  Gravy sakes, old standby 3N1 oil would be better than nothing.

Behold the spectacle

top side shows some rust. 

Oh no.  Not good.


The preliminary prognosis

I paid for the box basically.  They threw in the rust for free.


  1. That's a crying shame to see them in that kind of condition.

  2. Yes sir. I'm still not sure I can do anything with them. But we'll see.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I'm partially to Aerokroil for freeing up stuck stuff.
    The usual suggestions for some heating apply, and especially because you can't really make them more of paperweights than they are now.
    I bought a gallon of Evaporust to clean up some tools but I have yet to get around to trying it out.

    1. It's decent stuff. I always try and find a better container. The big Folgers tubs work pretty well for the size stuff I usually find to de-rust.

  4. Send them to me. Bubba will take care of them for you. Hehe. 4GSR