Tuesday, January 5, 2021

What's a yeet?

 Have you seen this pic?  Or one of it's many iterations?


H/T Ninetymiles blog

I was drinking coffee, reading the folks I trust this morning and it struck me.  Those guys on line three are spelling out yeet.

I wonder if we are about to see a yeet.  


I made myself laugh....

Sometimes the old wet ware sees patterns in the weirdest places....


  1. Well that was unexpected.

    I have heard the term wandering around on the InterWeb.

  2. Cold front is coming and my head is starting to skew as a result. That leads to a weird head space. Weird how those linked up...

  3. Holy Mackeral - there’s a major yeet going on in your capitol! And a much needed one at that...

    1. Yes sir, it's is really weird, too.

      It's okay for the disaffected to riot in Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Fran.... Okay to burn it down...
      It's not okay for the disaffected to protest in D.C.

      For years, the D's have pushed this idea, the media has endorsed this idea... But now, "it's beyond the pale!" I don't think they thought this through.... And they don't like their own rules....

      God I hope the US survives the imbecile class rulers. If I need to come visit in a hurry, think I could sweep floors in the archery range??