Friday, January 15, 2021

Photo Essay

Okay, my previous post didn't paint a decent picture,so a picture is worth a thousand words.  Here is the gear in it's home.

Side View


Overhead view

and finally....

Exploded view?

Those two black parts are collars, that keep the gear where you want it.  The builders turned down the bolt to make a stub shaft.  It bolts through the side.  BUT....  The shaft is supposed to be 0.5" diameter, and it's some bit bigger, each is different sized but all are too big.

I've got to resize the shaft bolts to fit correctly, and make the bushings to fit the 0.75" hole in the gear and the newly turned down 0.5" shaft.

Rework is a hoot!!! Or not, for small values of hoot.  I'd rather have these uniform and not a custom one off job on each bolt.  So, lathe work tonight!  Alright!!


  1. Replies
    1. It's buried in a machine. No one will ever see it once it's right. I used to sign my work, with a label or a pencil mark. Small and unobtrusively. When I went back decades later, I could still see it. My favorite trick was taking the cap off the urinal valve, and writing "Lose Something?" in it. There were hundreds of those scattered around. I don't know if that's a mental condition or not, but I enjoyed it. This is kind of the same thing.

  2. That oughtta keep you out of the taverns for a while.

    1. Every one needs a hobby. One of mine is leaving the drink to those that need it. I never developed a taste for it. I only went to one strip club.... as a psychology experiment.

      yeah, I'll be busy for a while...

  3. Is this a support for the rack?

    Nice work.

    1. It is a depth adjustment mechanism of sorts. It's the wierdest, most elegant thing I've seen to do that. The gear is free spinning, and the rack is welded to a rod. You lift the rod and push in or out to adjust depth, then drop it back into the gear to lock it in place. Honestly, I've studied mechanisms and this is the very first time I've seen anything like this.