Saturday, January 9, 2021


Well it appears we did see a yeet.  And now the there is a yeet to get rid of President Trump less than a fortnight before the inauguration.  Why would that be?  I think it is fear.

Inquiring minds would like to know.

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I've been working on a few projects.  more to follow.

But I find my mind wandering through the past two months.  What did I see?  What do I make of this?  How do I go forward?  How do I prepare and execute the right plan?  The pirouette of the mind can be paralyzing.  Especially when hope seems lost.

"In the course of human events...."

I find myself speaking low, "Pray for clarity and truth, Look around, See what is really happening here, Remember what you see and what you know.  Be strong and of a good courage.  Stand with resolve for the ones that look to you for strength."

Courage and Faith brothers.  We aren't the first to see this happen, we won't be the last.


  1. STxAR, I think we move forward with thought. There is a great deal of reacting going on at the moment. The most important thing is to not react foolishly. The second - at the moment - is to be as unremarkable and grey as possible. There is nothing that unites people more than a common foe - and nothing that breaks them apart more quickly than the removable of that common foe and the resulting collapse into internal discord.

    1. I agree whole heartedly. I tend to get a we'll get through this, just mind you own business mindset when I see smoke. This trip, I want to have that mindset, but keep my head up and my mind sharp. I have seen that certain among us tend to battle each other when there is no opposition to unify against. These ARE interesting times. I do have a few chalk lines that that are meaningful. But they are close to the keep.

      I find myself to be less thoughtful at times, just as you nailed in your first line. Thank you for the admonition. I always appreciate your perspective.

    2. You may be right, TB. I get all that.

      But - as our midget and witch in the vid show - there is a time to fight. Those guys are talking openly about going after Trump, his family and his supporters. They have no qualms about bussing rent-a-mobs into your neighbourhood to loot, burn, and rape for political points... but if you even think of voicing your opinion on THEIR turf, it is an act of war that justifies everything up to and including mass murder.

      I grew up around neoliberals. I watched them degenerate into social justice warriors and cultural fascists. I've watched them destroy honest people, the church, the shools, the media... and here we are... because nobody stands up to them. We tell ourselves we're avoiding a fight, we pat ourselves on the back for showing restraint... and each time they come up with another sin we have to tolerate, another custom or tradition we have to let go of, another foray into our wallets... and it never ends. These people don't stop.

      I'm asking you guys because I don't know... but I am beginning to question the morality and the wisdom of going grey and sitting it out on the sidelines. How much ground are we expected to lose?

    3. When I put up that link to yertube, it was supposed to start where the witch says, "Patience, Willow." and Willow says under his breath, "Courage, Willow." I feel this is the time to ask yourself the hard questions.

      Just like what you did GF. Exactly where I was going.
      And TB says don't go off half-cocked. Perfect advice.

      I think it best to take stock and define the chalk lines before the match starts. It's awful hard to play football if you don't know where the goal lines are, or sidelines... if sidelines even exist anymore.