Sunday, November 1, 2020

All Hallows Day

Life seems to have hit 5th gear, dropped the clutch and is smoking tires at 90....

Gravy, two weeks since the last post?

99 Suburban:

I figured having a truck with a/c would be nice down here.  I'll have to fix the a/c to have a/c, but no hill for a climber.  The main thing, it was in love with my son-in-law.  I'd try and start it, and it would stumble for a second then quit.  Over and over and over and over.......  He'd come over and it's zoom zoom, what's the problem?

Phil and I both learned the same way, too poor to have anyone else do it.  I grew up on a little hobby farm, but worked for sho' 'nuf farmers.  I learned a lot from dad, and then got graduate level study after school working for Butch, Tommy, and Tim.  

I dug out my "normal issues" checklist and started in. New coil and you've seen the cap and rotor, plugs and wires.  Waited for the spider, and it came in and sat due to life pulling a few more surprises. 

Difficult to reach, so went with name brand parts

 Seven hours of fun and games last Saturday, and it's in.

last time it sees daylight

It started and choked on hairballs, carb cleaner and silicone spray, but finally caught and ran.  Every time I stick the key in it, it starts right up.  So far...

Success.  Should I replace the fuel pump, too?  Hmmmmm....

Today is it's first run of a 100 miles one way.  We'll see how she does.

99 Yukon:

Got a prod on the Yukon project.  Finally got the carrier bearing races off.  Ye gods, they want an arm and a leg for a puller.  So, we went with an abrasive touch.

Hardly scored the carrier

Still need to press on the bearings and start on the pinon and crush sleeve install.


I am in need of some extra coin, so extra work is in order, I guess.  I'm a bit shy to sell plasma or a kidney, so sweat and sore muscles is the order of the day.
Tuesday we went north for 4 hours and picked up the new project.  
31 degrees F and misty rain = ICE!
icicles on the sign in OCTOBER!!!

Five machines that need to be built from incomplete kits.  Might even work into an ongoing concern / maintenance opportunity.

List of needs:

- that lathe I promised to buy
- an LLC, with all the headaches that brings
- free nights and weekends to get the work done
- no more health issues to slow me down
- no more OT getting in the way
I could hit this running if I was retired, but no way to get to retirement yet.  
So, no more goofing off after work.  Second shift is ramping up for production!!


  1. Wow, that seem like a lot STxAR! You are a busy fellow!

    1. I'm hoping I didn't bite off more than I can chew. We'll see soon enough.

  2. Holy cow man. Here I thought I had too much on my plate.
    Now I'm going to worry about you trying to do too much and either burn yourself out or work yourself sick!
    BTW, I had never run across this injector spider thingy and after looking it up and getting a better look at it I'm dang glad I haven't.
    Looks like a nightmare.
    I hope that took care of your issue permanently!

    1. Replacing it wasn't too hard at all. I used q-tips and carb cleaner to de-gunk the holes they fit in. There was all kinds of stuck on stuff under the plastic "upper manifold". But they went in nicely, and the top fit back down. Throttle response is way better, and I think the mileage improved a bit.