Sunday, October 18, 2020

Remember when??

 I hate that Alan Jackson song, so you know I'm not talking about that....

Remember when you could just drop into a job, even a demanding one that would leave you a bit sore for a couple days, but you hardened up and did it for the rest of the year or more?  I used to start throwing bales of hay in summer with no work up to it.  They blisters on my hands would break and bleed, but after a couple days, they were just a slightly sore reminder of my soft handed start.

I'd start basketball practice for the reals and I'd blister on the balls of my feet.  They'd break and be bloody for a couple days, and in a week or two, I'd have callouses that carried me through to the end of the season.

Remember when you had manual dexterity?  Your hands would do exactly what you asked?  When you asked them to?

 I don't seem to have the thick skin I used to, or the manual dexterity I used to.  So, I found that out the hard way today.  Not all the way through the epidermis, but close.  And it just stings a bit, no real pain, and a bit of blood, but nothing unmanageable.  Weird.

 Bloodless massacre below the fold:


So, the grinder twisted a bit, and got me.  I used to react to that quickly, and keep it where I wanted it.  The old hands didn't quite pull that off today.  So, a few days of a reminder and I need to get thicker gloves.  It ate through those like they didn't exist.

OT buddy, and lots of it....

Last week was a push.  185 dock doors, a computer and scan gun every other door.  At least 300 meters of building.  Another 40 or so pc's with dual monitors.  "Oh, sorry, didn't you know you were recovering the old equipment at the previous location and shipping it off?"  It was a full court press, man to man, from Thursday to Sunday night.  about 45 hours all told.  Yuk.  But it got done with a good attitude and no other drama.  I strive for no drama.  Sometimes a good attitude will make it through the first 15 minutes..  8 days with no break.  Boy was I tired after 1700 every day this week...  Including all day yesterday and today.  I ain't no spring chicken.


Oh, and I don't have permission to post pictures of the facility, but if I did......

This is the long view of the building.

And an inside view of the facility.

Not much machining, really, no machining this week.  But the cool weather is here for a few days, and I'll be out in the shop.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Glad you're mostly ok. Has been pretty nice temperature wise, lately, although a bit breezy, tomorrow's post will show the result.
    It's not muscles so much for me, it's my short term memory. I can think of something I need to do and finish up what I'm currently doing and have no frickin' idea what the thing I thought of was. A tad frustrating to say the least.
    Have fun in the shop, but...Be Careful! /Sermon

    1. You got that right juvat lead. My short term is a bit rusty at times, but for the most part hasn't let me down. This welding thing tho. Man, am I out of shape. I can't even pound a hammer like I used to. Learning how to use a plasma torch tho, so there is that consolation prize.

      I'm doing my best. I need to slow down a bit and quite thinking like a 30 year old with energy.

      Keep cool up there in the hill country. That nice front backed up and it's warm again...

  2. Digit damage. It eventually gets us all.

    1. Ring finger almost got it too. Dang. No long term damage like Glen mentioned? If I'd been a touch higher the thumb joint would be in play. Thank God it was a flesh wound.

  3. I noticed exactly what you are talking about last year. Out in the garage dinking around and I turned around to get something out of a toolbox and see a trail of blood all over the floor. Didn't even feel it but bled like a stuck pig. The skin on my hands and forearms has gotten really thin too.

    1. FOG-itus. Back in the 90's, my partner at a shooting range was a WW2 vet. His brand new tight Colt 45 rear sight nicked his thumb and he bled like a head wound. His pistol was so slippery, he couldn't run the slide.

      Paper skin. I've seen it before, just didn't realize it was sneaking up on me. The pic doesn't show the depth very well. There ain't much between the meat and the air. Maybe a layer or two...