Thursday, November 26, 2020

Merry Thanksgiving

Looking back over this year is encouraging.  It is inevitable that tragedy will befall you.  How you react to it will expose your character.  Some of what I did was encouraging, some of what I did wasn't.  But I learned quite a bit about myself this year.  And I have a few changes to make long term, and some short term.  I've found some new limitations, and some recently opened unexplored territory.  So I've got that going for me..... heh.

Back in the day...

Dad always took Thanksgiving off.  We'd usually pack up and run to Oklahoma to visit relatives.  That was our vacation.  Man, what fun.  Out at the farm, watching the uncles playing 42, roasting peanuts, running in the sand, picking grass burrs out of your socks and shoes. Cousins, hundreds of cousins...  Grandma and Grandpa laughing, their eyes sparkling.

just as I remember them...

Food was always excellent.  The company was farmers, ranchers, school teachers, farm wives, policeman, secretary, welder....  Basic America.  Conversations were about family, farming, weather...  I loved it.  I'm thankful I grew up at that time, and in that place, with these folks as my family.

When I had my own kids at home, we always took time to cook and eat together.  Times were lean, and other times weren't.  It's a real roller coaster of memories in there.....


Today's project is a turkey, deviled eggs, green bean cassarole, and maybe an apple pie. 

fold the wingtips under to help support it

Unwrap, disembowel, and wash with water.  I usually stick an onion in the cavity.  Rub butter all over the carcass.  Then it's time to spice it.

salt, pepper, garlic powder and...


Oh, and some cayenne and chipotle just lightly dusted on top.  Then into the bag.

roasting bag

Those roasting bags are amazing.  First time the son-in-law tasted some breast meat cooked this way his eyes glazed over.  Not everyone knows about these things.  They are worth it.  Desiccated bird meat isn't that palatable.

I'm thankful for you.  You stop in, read my ramblings, and leave a comment.  Means the world to me.  The interactions this year have been points of light in a very dark time.  The few seconds you jotted down a thought for me helped me immensely.  And I appreciate it.  You helped me through some darkness.

That's the first chapter today.  I may post again in a bit when I start the next dish.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving buddy.
    We both had our fair share of tribulations this past year, yours were unfortunately, quite a bit more traumatic than mine.
    I would like to thank you for being a Stand Up guy. I try to be but as we both know, it seems to be harder and harder to come by guys like us anymore.
    You have my continued best wishes and I sincerely hoe that things will start going your way non stop from here on out.

    1. I'll take that, and you are welcome. Yeah, we do what we do, hope for the best, preparing for the worst. Your comments and blog have been a bright spot for me. Some day, I'd like to buy you some coffee and sit and visit. Not sure if I'll make it up there into great northwest, but stranger things have happened! Have a good evening man.

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