Monday, January 9, 2023

Rat Killing

 Got a chance to help out a new college student.  My niece is starting school next week.   It worked pretty oka except for a hesitation during shifting from 2nd to 3rd.  It's an older Lancer.  Then it quit on her last week.

 It quit going forward.  Wonder why?  I tried it and it felt like limp mode in reverse.  Very harsh shift.  And a gray flash from under the passenger seat to the dash....  rodents.  Great.

I pulled a P0705 code out of the OBDII port and did the study.  Probably was a gear position switch.  On top of the transaxle and under the battery.  Nice....

grimy.  took a bit of work to get the arm off it, too.

So, I removed the switch, it's shaped like a piece of pie .  It was stuck down on the rusty "bolt" in the middle there.  But it finally gave up.  I wanted to quit right then, but you have to be thorough.  And I saw Ricky Rat run under the dash...  So I rested for about 15 minutes and then went back to work.

While I was checking out connectivity between the plug that goes on the left above, and the connector under the dash I found this modification:

wunderbar  😑  it's been gnawed up and is that POOOP on the carpet????


I didn't have my heat gun with me, and I needed some spare wire, too.  And the switch.  "Ah'll be bach."  I told my sister about the gray ghost, and she said she'd work on it.

20 minutes later I get this picture:

That was fast!

I ordered a new switch, and it showed up on Saturday.  Two days early.  Replaced without effort today.  Got a new heat gun yesterday and fixed the rat rod mod after the switch replacement.  And it's a runner!  

Niece drove around the block with it.  No shift issues either.  God is good.  And her smile lit up the day!!

I'm bushed.... good night ladies!


  1. Replies
    1. Quite the compliment from the master mechanix himself! Thanks Phil!!

  2. Man, that looks like a mess STxAR. You continue to amaze me with your ability to repair things.

    1. Those messes take time, concentration and a fair bit of frustration. Rat Fink gnawed off two wires perilously close to the connector body. I had to be a bit creative with the butt connectors to have enough wire to connect to. What surprised me, my niece stayed out there the whole 2 hours plus while I was working on it. She helped when I needed it. I was shocked she did that.

      Sis said she passed out after I left, she was worn out. Shortly after I got home I had to play ambulance driver, then unload the tools after I got back from that. Then trash duty / KP for pickup today. I wonder how she is gonna do on her own...