Saturday, January 7, 2023


Spent a week on the road visiting family.  I hadn't seen some of them in a dozen years.  Nothing was really holding me here.  So why not?


Northbound on the Pickle Parkway

The drive up north was pretty easy, and I stopped by my favorite used / surplus machinery supply warehouse.  I wasn't disappointed.  Got some new to me shop supplies. 


Most are still half full of hazmat

All dead, morse taper 5, 4, 3 and 2?  There is a 3-5 adapter.  Hard lives, who chips a carbide tip?

empty weight about 50#, loaded it's 300#! full of pins, set screws and such like 

After the pickup, I headed on up to my little sister's house. She has pictures and documentation that I'd never seen.  I didn't know my dad had been courted by the Secret Service.  Or that he had so many commendations during his time as a Texas Peace Officer.  Very cool.

West bound

A few days later, went west to the home stomping grounds.  Easy day of travel, followed by some emotional days driving around to see what hadn't changed.  Mother in law was happy to see me.  We had a great visit.  She said I'll always be her son.  That was pretty cool.  She'll hit 80 this year.  Seems impossible...

Just like I remembered

Older sister got hit with the lung damage last year, and is still fighting hard to recover.  We both had similar reactions.  Spent a good bit of time comparing notes.  She's in a tough place.

Stayed with her oldest daughter.  The Wu-flu took her husband.  Left her with a 2 year old, who is 4 now.  That kid is a pistol.  We sat on the floor and played and had a real great time the few days I was there.  Made biscuits with her one morning.  THAT was a hoot.  The niece and I compared notes on life, and wound up talking until 0400.  It is refreshing to realize your niece is a quality lady.  So many "kids" are dinks now.  Yeah, she'll be 40 this year, she's no kid.  

family reunion

 Went to the stone garden to visit my folks.  Been quite a while since the last time.  In the past, I'd sit and remember, then leave after a while.  This time, I actually talked to them, as if they were there.  Struck me as odd.  Not something I'd normally do.  So, I said a prayer after and asked The Heavenly Father to pass along my "conversation".   That was a bit more comforting to me.  

The trip home was long.  450 miles.  I had to break it into sections to make it in a day.  It used to take 7 hours max.  This time was 12.  But I arrived in pretty good shape.  I did sleep good for a couple nights.

I figured out this house is trying to off me.  I hardly coughed at all at my little sisters, only a little bit more out in the dusty high plains.  I started coughing non-stop when I got home and coughed for a few hours until I went to bed.  Not good.  

 Things gotta change around here.  Time to get serious. 



  1. Sounds like you had a nice visit STxAR; thank you for sharing with us. The sunset pictures are amazing.

    I wonder. Is it the house, or the general geographic location that you think is causing the issue?

    1. I'll shoot you an email to detail the mail problem. It's definitely this house. Part of it is it's age. I'm guessing a 100 plus. The windows are wood sash, double hung with weights in the wall. They leak air almost as if they don't exist. I could run a car in here without worry of asphyxiation. The ceilings aren't very well sealed from the attic space. Both issues pass a lot of dust. There isn't any insulation in it either, so it's more like a tent than a sealed system. Balloon framing, too. That's another hint on it's age.

      I've been enamored by the earth turns out there since I was little. I used to have a Kodak Instamatic that took the prettiest pictures in the world with 120 film. I think I paid $2.00 for it at a junk store in the 70's. Back when the missus and I were together, when the sky would fire up, I'd call her outside and we'd stand and watch it till it faded... It is my favorite time of day. If there is fire in the sky, it's gravy on my biscuit.

      Thanks for the visit TB.

    2. That is a hard thing, TB. My grandparent's house had the same issue.

    3. I've got some plans to address the issues. All it takes is time, money and stamina... I have one of those.. I think.

  2. Replies
    1. There are a few more. Take a look at my youtube stuff. STxAR or stxrynn. I posted a short with the breeze the next day. The dust started blowing after that. I got a few more pictures. Keep an eye skinned for those... And thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Both of us are on O2. She is almost 100% of the time. If I work too much, I'll use it during the day to keep from feeding the old heart blue blood. At night, I use when asleep. I'm down below 50% capacity, efficiency or both. If I'm exerting much at all, it feels like my cousin just held me under too long again...