Tuesday, January 10, 2023


 Every time I walk by the green bolt bins I got a couple weeks ago, I stop and think about why they are in this state. 

 I think I figured it out. 

I think the thing was spilled or maybe something else was, and they just picked everything up and threw it in here.  There is one mangled drawer, too.  That kind of makes me think it fell over.  

That is one heck of a load of pins and set screws.  There's dog point screws in there as well.  It's half a hardware store...  run through a milk shake machine.

I spent a few minutes picking out the dowel pins of one drawer.  I gotta make a sifter to get them sorted.  This by hand stuff is a bit much....  But it's not like I'm doing anything else at the moment....

Maybe small sorting boxes, or big ones.  Maybe just dump it all in a big bucket and take 15 minutes a day to sort.  I should be done by Christmas...  2099.....  If I'm diligent.

May need this to keep my head screwed on straight....  hahahaha..... made myself laugh....  I crack myself up...


  1. Bah! It looks worse than it is. Find a good podcast on the cell phone, park your keester - set up your containers... and go to town. I enjoy the political pundits but you can throw on good music too.

    Lesiure Suit Larry and I would move mountains gabbling as we worked. Jobs are a lot easier if you go the extra mile beforehand to make them that way.

    1. Ha! Leisure Suit Larry. That was on the first real company drafting computer I used. What a weird deal. They hired me to manage the cad draftsman and be a field engineer. He quit before I showed up for work. My guess is they promised him my job, so I wound up being expected to fill his able shoes..... with one measly semester of Auto Cad under my belt. But I found LSL on the pc. So, I guess he had some spare time. I sure didn't. I rode the struggle bus the whole six months I was there. What a pile of manure. Always had a series of small "tests" to see if you were gonna work out. They were a squirrelly bunch. We finally agreed that the job they promised wasn't at ALL what I was doing, and they said I wasn't working out. So we went our separate ways. I wound up in broadcasting after that. What a change.

      I will attempt your method, good sir. here.... we....... go!