Friday, December 31, 2021

Out With a Whimper

This has been a year of setbacks and injury.  Not sad to see it go.  Not even a little.

I had hoped to do 100 posts this year, but I didn't make it.  I still have room to improve next year.
I had hoped to be closer to setting a date for retirement, but it looks like that may have been decided for me.
I had planned to be doing marriage counseling this year, instead I have a lawyer.

I didn't plan on being a cripple, but at this point, I am.  Not done healing yet so there is hope.  Miracles do happen as well.
My Mentor, Mr. Marvin went home this year.  I will miss him.  I have never met a more Godly man.

My sister lost an elderly customer today, 12-31.  He passed on, leaving his wife.  Pray for both of these fine ladies, they are grieving pretty hard.
Kind of a downer year for me.


I have met some interesting and intelligent folks this year.  Glen Filthie, the rabid Canukistanian.  And TB, the man whose name I cannot pronounce, but is a friend, no doubt.  Cedarq, Leigh, John in Philly, ExTex, ERJ and others...  

I have had people I respect and admire give me encouragement and advice:  The Amazing Atomic Fungus of Lee Roy Brown's neck of the woods, Juvat the Courageous Pitot Checker, OAFS, Beans, Phil, Leigh, Glen, TB  

You have helped me through this slough (pronounced slew) of despair.  I'm planning and preparing for the future.  I didn't know if I even had one at times this year.  But I've come to realize, there are no guarantees in life.  And God only promised to walk through this with me, not make every wish and whim of mine come true.  I can see now He has used you to make a difference in my life. You have helped me make sense out of some senseless things.

To all that took the time to advise, cajole, kid, and insult me this year.  I know you wouldn't have taken the time if you didn't care.

Thank you.  

I hope next year runs at normal speed.  This year feels like it's only been a few weeks long.



  1. God Bless you my friend.
    We have a lot of work ahead of us, I'll be proud to have you on our side.

    1. He has bud. Having friends like you is one of the biggest. Be careful tonight, and see you next year. Yeah, there is a ton of things to do. I'm happy to stand with you.

  2. One step at a time my good man and the journey will continue. Wishing you and yours health and happiness for this coming year.

    1. Yes sir, that is the ticket. One day at a time, or if that bite is too big, and hour at a time..... I have been know to say, "I can do this for the next 10 minutes." Then repeat it until the day is done.

      I noticed you hadn't posted in a while. I said a prayer for you every day this last week or so, asking the Good Father to watch and care for you. I was hoping you were too busy to post and nothing else.

      May God grant us both Mercy, Health and Joy this year. I have a feeling if we focus more on Him, it'll be easier for Him to do what we ask!!

      Take care cousin John. Godspeed.

  3. Hang in there STxAR. Each day, will hopefully get better. You have a lot on your plate so take small bites and soon it will be gone.

    Wishing the best for you, Irish

    1. Thanks Irish. You, too, have been one of the encouragers. I run to your site multiple times a day to see what's up, and where you guys are at. I do appreciate what you are doing over there. Keeps me in my lane, so to speak.

      Merry New Year to you and yours, here's hoping it works out well for us all. And thanks for stopping by.

  4. STxAR, You have had more challenges in a year than almost everyone I know. You have managed to keep your head above water, your eyes focused where the need to be, and a good sense of humor, which is more than most. What a privilege to be accounted for playing some small part in this.

    The unpronounceable name, eh? Maybe someday it will be a contest with fabulous prizes...

    1. A dubious honor to be sure. "You win the most snakebit of 2021!! Can we pin the medal on your IV bag?" You haven't had the easiest of years either. Thank you for documenting that road to help others.

      I learned long ago, that a good friend and a rude joke can make difficult times almost bearable. You have been a good friend, and an inspirational thinker. I like hanging out with the intelligentsia. I learn so much more than on my own.

      Thanks for stopping in!!

  5. Don't forget about me down here. I'm here if need anything. Lets bot hope we have a better new year this year over the previous one. 4GSR

    1. Brother, you said it. I haven't forgotten you. Our visits are bright spots. I need the chance to laugh and scratch, just as a sanity check if nothing else!!! I need to get over to the shop and cut that part for you. Looks like that will be tomorrow.

      I'm hoping for a clear 2022. At least we will be able to see things coming farther off!!!