Sunday, December 12, 2021

Life Comes At You Fast...

 Quick Update

Life has been relentless:

Got a court date after asking a question about timing.  I wanted information, I got a deadline.  😑

Health improvements are so slow as to be unquantifiable.  Still get winded after walking to the bathroom too fast. 

I have more stamina.  Able to bounce back after a hard day in less than eight days now.  (hard day = 10 mins light work, 20 mins rest, repeated for a several hours, usually about an hour of work max) That's nice and appreciated.

A project that took me almost a year to finish ends tomorrow.  I hope I never see another one of those things again.  Unless there is major money tied to it.

Fighting with a doctor's office manager to just get the blasted paperwork that I submitted two weeks early and is now 2 weeks late faxed where it belongs.

File This Under If You Need It, Nothing Else Will Work

Had to thread a rod that was oversize, already welded out, and needed to be done yesterday!  So, chuck it in the tailstock drill chuck, gently tighten the four jaw to hold it and provide twist, but not support, set it in the most magical of attachments to the lathe, and get it turned down to size and threaded.

Behold the majesty of the STEADY REST!!

four jaw can hold odd sized stuff, even off center

The steady rest holds long whipy stuff steady way out from the chuck


It is so nice when something goes semi okay.


  1. STxAR,
    No idea what all that meant but glad it worked for you.

    Also glad you’re improving health wise

    1. I had a short stint of feeding managers, so I included color pictures for you ;) Even if the chart showed catastrophe, I got compliments on my colors.

      Imagine holding a 3/8 dowel in your left hand and trying to shave some of the diameter at the other end with your right hand. It's a device that holds the far end of a thin section rigid so you can accurately work on it. In my case, shave 20 thousandths off it and thread it.

    2. You single pointed that thread, didn't you? That's cheating if you used a die nut on that thread.
      Oh, clean that lathe son! It's dirty.

    3. Yes, I cheated! But it sure was quick! Everytime I clean that thing, it gets dirty in less than a week. ugh..

  2. Still awaiting my snapped bone to heal, made a mess of the process last week by unblocking the outside drain, I just don't heal as fast these days.
    Ah the joy of the steady rest, makes life a lot easier at times. Need to find one to fit my lathe one of these days (one I find my lathe that is, I know it's somewhere in the workshop!)

    1. Autopilot head. I have that too. I popped up and walked briskly for 50 feet today, then had to stop and catch my breath. And I've been doing this for nigh on 6 months now. It is maddening, the old noggin isn't keeping that in mind.

      We must be kin, our shops sound similar! I've had this WW2 era Leblond lathe for seven years now!!! WOW. And I never needed the steady rest until this week. She still looks good for pushing 80.

      Make some bone broth and drink your milk. Wales needs you hale and hearty.

  3. STxAR - Along with Juvat, I apprehend what you said about the steady rest, but only a vague idea what it actually does. Sounds cool though.

    Given your year, any health improvement is good news.

    1. Yes sir, you are correct. Smalls steps forward are forward. It is still a long hill to climb, but I'm working on it.

      I hired my nephew to help out around here for a few hours a week. That has allowed me to point and get things done. The mental improvement is wonderful. Some things are looking up.

  4. Nice job there! And smart using the steady rest most of us think it is a PITA to use..

    1. Thank you! It was a bit oversize. I couldn't get the die started, so I did do some turning. I didn't have the luxury of single pointing it. I needed it GONE!!

  5. Replies
    1. If you ever get the chance, or see the cartoon collection called 'Bull Of The Woods' - buy it. It's a very old syndicated comic strip about a hapless shop foreman and how his journeymen and apprentices pick on him all the time. You'd probably enjoy it.

    2. My first thought is "I have a Canadian Groupie!!!" HAR HAR HAR!!!!!

      Holy Hand Grenades Batman, why do you want me to do that?!!?!?! My raspy cough damaged voice will drive you batty, as will the clattering gears on the clapped out LeBlond.

      But, actually, I've been thinking about doing that, just without the fancy schmancy editing. I have a cheap camera, and have been working on the lighting. I probably need a banana for scale, and some more rhino hide skivvies so I can handle commenters.

      If you have any recommendations, shoot me a note on the secure scramble phone, and we'll discuss it over peppermint Schnapps and sourkraut.

      I'm looking for that book as soon as I post this reply!

    3. I found four of them: Vol 1-3 and Vol 6.

      On the waaaaay! Thanks for the library recommendation! Always welcome those.