Saturday, July 25, 2020

Too Important to miss

This guy gets it.  I have been on the 'net since 1993.  I had a buddy that let me use his UofH account to surf around and read the usenets...

I Myspaced and Facebooked for a little while, but it was too constraining and appeared to be engineered to drain all my time.  Thank you, no.

I'm a social interneter. 

...the Social Internet is the frontier, the Agora of Athens, the Senate House of Rome, the Mead hall of the Vikings, where free men and women greet each other, exchange ideas, treat each other with the respect and measure due free individuals in a free society, where the individual matters as much as the whole, if not more.

Go, read the whole thing.  (RTWT)  He is a deep thinker, and I need to read folks like that to help me grow.

Oh, yeah....  I finished the second one....

On this one, I measured, cut, test fitted, and then finished the piece before final assembly.  The finish looks a ton better.  Still need to Deft the top, middle and bottom.  But Hanna may come for a visit, so, I'll wait for less chance of solid humidity.

Here's where I got the plans.

I really enjoyed the project, now it's time to clean up the shop.


  1. I understood everything right up to this part, " it's time to clean up the shop." :)

    The project looks good.

    1. Well, the shop was the front room. It was too blasted hot to do it outside under the shade tree this year. I kept everything neat and tidy, and swept up after my self. But now, it's time to put the tools back up and arrange the room back to whatever passes for normal these days...