Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Rolling Kitchen work space

So, one of the guys who reads this attempt at coherent thought left a comment, and I figured I'd show you what I'm working on.

Poplar and pine

the poplar at HD is labeled hobby wood, but it was good for this project.  Harder than pine, it's my first foray into hardwood cabinetry.

I started using pocket holes for screens and shelves several years ago, so it made sense to work on this little project the same way.

My work space is very limited.  I have a metal shop out back, so I 'borrowed' the front room to use for this quick project.  That has stretched into a couple weeks so far...

super sale on the work bench, craigslist miter box, Kreg kit

It's nice to work in a semi-conditioned space for a change.  Most of my work is shade tree.  But there have been some.... changes that make this an available space.

I dabble in a bit of everything.  I'll get back to the machining soon enough.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Theses changes you mention definitely do not sound like happy ones. I'm just guessing here but I have been to Grandma's house before.
    Best wishes.

    1. I'll take those best wishes. And thank you.

  2. It's looking nice there. Way back when I played in woodworking, didn't have Popular available to work with. We could get what they called Parana Pine. It had some streaks of red to it, most was a pine looking that looked old. I don't think you can get that anymore. Your granddaughter is going to love that when she sees it!!!

    1. That name sounds familiar. Parana Pine. From wood shop in 7th grade.

      I sure hope so. That little lady has stolen my heart.