Thursday, June 18, 2020

Quick Update

I still haven't finished the Tumico Terrors.  I found the metric ER16 collets needed to be torqued a bit too much to grip, so I found some el cheapo ER16 Imperial sized collets for not much coin.  Ordered and finally arrived.  How do you store them?  I mean, they aren't very big atoll.  I dug a bit on, and found a neat little box.  A bit of additive machining... (3D printer), and it squirted out this.

quite literally squirted out

A bit plain jane, but, hey.... I remember a bit of Confusion 360.... so  whip up a round tuit, and stick it on the lid.  Yeah, like that!

Had a quick trip to the third coast, and couldn't resist my pawn shop rounds there.  Each of these were about $5 or $6....  Less than 25 bucks invested.  Neat!

Some treasure in there as well!!  Who makes CDC brand drills?  The two largest  rows in the index are CDC brand, HS, USA.  Ex-Navy????

Also a bit of misc stuffus....

USN issue.  Wonder what was in it originally?

And some cheapo tools in the metal box....  What could I put in there instead??

Sine Table - open

Sine Table - closed

Lots of fun stuff.  But I gotta get back to the Tumicos.  Almost done with them....


  1. Where's my vacuum cleaner???
    That drill index, I've seen that brand in my past, kind of like Sears and Roebuck Dunlap brand. That's all I remember.
    You go a sweet deal on that sine plate, you stole it!!!
    You did great. Back to my vacuum cleaner...

    1. To be clear, there were junk tools in the tin box. I had the sine plate already...

      And the vacuum is still there!!!

  2. Still a nice score.
    Interesting solution for storing the collets.
    They can be a pain to store because they wind up taking up so much room when you try to keep them organized.

    1. I'm gonna make another one for the metric ones I think. I only have a few of them. And the raw material for the printer is mostly out of stock. Red Menace....

      I bought a book on organization once. Lost it for over 2 years within a few days. "How To Be Organized In Spite of Yourself."

  3. My place on the third coast is Port Aransas.

    1. I live a bit north of there. Not sure how living in Port A would be. Too close to the water for me!