Thursday, February 25, 2021


 Stuff like this is really interesting to me.


Neat little geegaw on the video editor too.


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    1. black coffee, freshly poured. Then a bit of cream is added. Usually oil floats on water, but since the water is hot and the cream cold, I assume the cream goes to the bottom... Then as it heats, it up-wells in little columns. Or spouts... The little pools that rise up are intriguing to me. I wonder if the atmosphere does this on some level? My mind just takes little things like this and ponders.

  2. Okay, thanks TB. Now I will have to experiment with a glass jar and see if I can watch the process from the side!!

  3. Hmmmmmm.

    I don’t think your analogy works, STxAR. Cream doesn’t float on top of coffee does it? From what I see it readily mixes with the coffee when stirred. Isn’t the separation more a function of fluid density? And viscosities?

    Gah. This is why your coffee should be black... 😉👍

    1. yeah, the cream wasn't the only thing mixed up that day. I still wonder what the mechanism is. I'll do a comparison of hot vs cold coffee sounds. I believe just by listening you can tell the difference due to the change in surface tension... But you are 100% correct that coffee needs to be black. It's better than way. No stupid questions arise, and no weird physics involved.