Saturday, February 6, 2021

Calendar is on FFWD

 The speed of this year is impressive.  Time is flying.  

I've been working a project, and I have found multiple parts needing rework.  Not sure if it was contracted first to a foreign shop, or if these are parts that didn't make the cut, but were sold anyway.

Lots of work for me, anyhow.

One of the parts that was specified wrong was this little gear.  It's used as a stop of sorts, so no rotation or power transmitted with it.

Finished Product

I figured it would be interesting to film a bit of the process and make a little video of it.  


What follows contains language from a nearly lost dialect of American English from West Texas.  This is noted by hard R's among other irritating and hard to decipher vocal sounds.  Proceed with audio enabled at your own risk.  You have been warned.

Hey, if Phil and 4GSR could do, I figure I can, too.

Featuring a 1946 Logan 200 lathe.


  1. It wasn't boring, was drilling. (I crack myself up.)

    Good work.

    1. I guess that makes you a "good humor man". Heh. Thanks for stopping in! Keep warm up there. I can provide an English translation on request.

    2. No translation needed as I'm fluent in Texan.
      My dad was born and raised in El Paso, and the only reason I was born in Philly was because he met Mom here towards the end of WWII.

      "Good humor man" indeed. That made me smile!

      I agree with what you said about regional accents becoming muted or blurred.

    3. I don't know if it's pride or a desire to keep something alive, but I use the turns of phrase from my youth, and I've consciously held onto my accent. When "What in the Sam Hill?" pops out, people turn and look. I have embraced being an anachronism.

  2. Heck I didn't have a lick of trouble understanding you.
    Nice job, you do video way better than I do.
    Sweet lathe too!
    I highly recommend you do more of this in the future!

    1. It's kinda weird, but I will do. Man, that setup you have is sweet. I'm really glad everyone is chipping in. Its cool when scrounging finally pays off!!

  3. STxAR - This accent is known to me, and no, I had no problem understanding you at all.

    I like these kinds of things! They actually help me visualize everything you talk about.

    1. I'm glad you could understand me. I have worked to be intelligible. Clarity is my goal. My own family doesn't even have the accent I do. I really wonder how it took root.

      When my kids were growing, I was struck by how muted the regional pronunciations of words had become. How similar every one sounded. I spent a lot of time one year with some Canadians: BC, Alberta, Sask mostly. And their voices were all so similar. I hear the music in a voice. I miss the ability to tell where you are from by how you speak. I have a buddy from Boston, and it's easy to tell. I find comfort in that for some reason.

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