Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Phil Junior?

Yesterday, I was all set to help out my welder buddy and then spend the rest of the day replacing the fuel injection spider on the 99 Sub.

I had just popped awake after 10 glorious hours of sleep, when I looked at my phone.

My sister's truck had sprung a leak at her farthest work spot and she was in a small town 50 miles south.  I slapped a quick tool kit together and headed out expecting a radiator hose, or those heater hoses again....

It was bleeding a bit on the parking lot, but when I popped the "radiator" cap (why did they move that to the fender on the overflow tank?) it started to hemorrhage.  Lots of digging to find the water pump blew.  (Leak was invisible under the pulley, the waterfall was pretty obvious.)

Didn't have enough of the right tools (note to self:  GET THAT STOOPID TOOL BOX SORTED NOW!!)  So had to purchase some, and did the swap in the parking lot.  THAT has been a while.  Last time I did that, it was a winter job, power steering pump on the 99 Yukon in sleet.  I didn't like that job atoll.

'04 Avalanche.  I did like the design of the water pump.  Tstat housing is integral, no goop needed, everything was o-ring.  I used some silicone spray to lube the front of the engine and the back of the pump to make the o-rings happy.  Some anti-seize on the bolts and it went back together easier than it came apart.  Last guy that was in it used all kinds of crap to seal it up.  I spent 45 minutes with my Old Timer scrapping off the front of the engine to remove the stuck stuff.  He even put goop and a gasket under the Tstat housing neck, it uses an o-ring.  I learned gaskets when that was normal, but times, they be a-changing...


We've been together since about 1985.

It's really not that bad of a swap if everything goes easy.

The worst water pump I've done was a '73 Olds 98 with a 455.  Those 2 short hoses on top of the pump, with the open back and Permatex and gasket..... That was difficult for young me to do.  Old me wouldn't do it alone.

Thank God the nut on the fan popped loose on the first smack.  And that the heat broke down here a few weeks back.  It was only 90 degrees, and mostly shady for the job.  Also, I got some sweet sleep and was ready for a challenge.

My sister has a deadbeat ex.  He's gone under the table to keep from paying his child support. She has built a business from the ground up and is doing fair.  Times like this we need to pull together.  She had too many big outlays to absorb this one.  

 Something I learned along the way was to accept responsibilities.  So, I regard her family part of mine.  She is a lady and she is quality, a real treasure.  That makes lending help real easy.

That truck gets her to her work.  She and two kids being homeless isn't an option as far as I concerned.  It ain't much in the overall scheme of things, but it makes a difference for three people that I know.  And I have an antique soul.  It's just not the average one folks have now.  It won't let me neglect my tribe.

I draw the line at diaper rash.  I don't want to follow ole Mobile Mechanic Phil down that path...

Thanks for stopping by the shop.  Come back anytime...


  1. You are a good man STxAR.

    Yes, I am grateful the heat has broken here as well. It makes these sort of things manageable.

    The organizing now thing is an issue for me as well.

    1. TB, I imagine we'd get on well. You are much more traveled and better read than I, but kindred souls can overcome different stations in life. I've read some of your postings, and I like how deep you think. I'm shameless in hanging out with smarter people. You never know, some of it may rub off on me. Thanks for the comment. I really do look forward to chatting with everyone who drops by.

  2. Yer a good man dude. Of course I already knew that anyway. Not a fun job even when you are expecting it, doing it the mobile mechanic method even less so5.

    1. He's alive!! I'm glad you are still kicking around man. I was worried for you. Rest easy while you can, I imagine there will be more work than you can do when you get back to it.

      Thanks for the kind words, coming from men I admire makes them worth gold.

      I don't like working in a parking lot, but I'll do what needs doing. And sister is a class act. I have mad respect for her.

  3. Your the man!!! Like the State Farm commercial. I'll buy lunch the next time you come to town.

    1. Thanks Mr. S. I appreciate that. I'll be out that way next week I reckon. have a good night.

  4. A hero in my eyes. Thank you is not enough to say. It h UK mbles me to be loved so deeply and for you to have gone out of your way to help me. I just trusted the Lord and rested. He did the rest. You getting rest and being off. Was no coincident. A knight in shinning armor...😇

    1. Lol humbles is that strange word ..

    2. No worries. I'm proud to know you, and happy you let me help on occasion. With both of us working our row, we might get to the end of the field successfully.

  5. Good work under challenging conditions.
    I'm still surprised how much the everyday gasket of my youthful car work is now a space age sealant.

    Philly temps are supposed to dip again into the forties tonight.

    1. The "gaskets" were like an aluminum card with the o ring stuck to it. I've never used one of those before, but it worked. Torquing it down was an experience.

      It's been in the 60's at night a few times. I shiver now in those conditions. We are so close to the surface of the sun, 90 in the shade is cool.

  6. I have carried a "Made in USA" Old Timer (194 lockblade) for at least that long, maybe since the 70's. I'm on my third one, it will have to last since they are no longer around.

    1. I find old knives on occasion. If I find that lock back, I'll grab it for a spare if it's reasonable.

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