Monday, April 18, 2022


First time I went bird shooting, dad spooked up a flock of English sparrows and I took a shot at the middle of the pack.  I hit nothing but air.  It was then I began to understand the following:  you are bound to shoot what you aim at, and, if you aim at nothing, you will hit it.  I should have identified a target and aimed for one bird.  With me, the beginning of understanding is usually after a failure of some kind. 

Having shot a hole in the wind, I learned a neat lesson about J1772.


I am usually interested enough to research before I post.  Didn't happen this time.  At least Tesla encouraged me a little by having their own plug design.  I guess they are the Apple of EV's.

Take heed, ye that think ye stand, lest ye fall.  I stand corrected and more knowledgeable now.

Thanks Glenn.  I was so uninterested, I didn't even go back after I posted to look into this subject.


  1. That's it! Good work, STxAR! If I remember my brief exposure to the alternate energy scam... that will be the standard connection for all EV vehicles at this stage of the game. I remember that this cable (connects the car to the inverter for charging) went for something like $150.00 for an 8ft length or something like that.

    I suppose my age and bias is showing... but I don't want a car or motorcycle that sounds like a sewing machine. I need fire and smoke.

    1. Fire and smoke feed our cave man mentality. I need it too. But what really gets me is the EV happy specs I see.

      If you run the a/c (it is just about a necessity down here) there are no range deratings available. And the loss of capacity over time isn't listed either. MTBF, all kinds of things my very limited research doesn't find. But I did see, 110V circuit will give you maybe 2 miles after an hour charge. That ain't much. 3 days for a full charge?

      Don't get stuck in traffic!