Thursday, November 18, 2021

Well, of course you'd do that....

 Finally getting back on track to work on the taper attachment.   Got some 12L14 for additional nuts to replace the missing ones, and the three jaw chuck on the Logan clanks up.  Not sure why, but it's got a couple stiff spots in it, then it seized.  So past time to service it. 

Mr. Garcia had this on the Logan


At some point in it's life, it hit the ground right in line with a bolt on the back.  That seized the bolt up, and boy it is tight..... too tight to move.  And someone tried to move it.  Argh......


Those neat little cracks are where I gently, ever so gently tapped on the inside of the hole to move the bent spot out a touch.  And it cracked.  sigh.....  That socket is sure nasty isn't it?  I have a 3/8 left hand bit coming tomorrow.  I'll probably mill this down a little, so I don't catch the drill on the mess and break it.  Hopefully after the head is milled down, the shank will unscrew itself while I'm drilling it.

After I get it apart, it'll be cleaning time and reassembly.  Nothing special there.  But it's always something to break up the monotony around here.  Oh, and I already have the next job lined up....

I was running a quickie job and zonked out the quick change gear box with a very minor crash.  Stabbed a boring bar into a piece of delrin and it seized up the box.  It's made noise on the slowest feeds since I purchased it....  I was on borrowed time anyway.  I have a bit of review to do so I'll be ready to tackle that little project.


 Review Topic:  Quick Change Gear Box

    Gear Box part 1

Gear Box part 2

A bit of extra credit if you want to learn from the master

Scroll Chuck Operation


  1. PITA, it's always something isn't it?
    It's like the old guy that retired from where I work, at age 76, always used to joke.
    "It's a five minute job!"
    That's code for it's already gone to hell before you even get started.

    1. I am shamelessly steeling that. It is a perfect description of everything I do. Not sure if it's because I buy old decrepit stuff, or just my Midas touch!

  2. I knew this would bring Phil sniffing around!😆👍

    If I weren’t a hare lipped retard I’d have been a great machinist….

    1. So, you are wandering around in the "Home for Lost Maroons", eh? I'm telling you, there is a place for every one in my shop. Even if you are just holding down the linoleum.....

      You are welcome anytime.... As long as you don't expect me to keep it as clean as the "Reclusium and Repose d'Aeronautics "....

    2. Oh gawd… I was forced to clean up almost at gun point yesterday.

      It was awful…

    3. I have a vision of Clevon Little holding a gun to his own head, "Clean up this mess, or the Filthie gets it!" Ha, made myself snicker.....