Monday, August 23, 2021

Logan Taper Attachment

The Last NOS Part

You know, I always wonder about the last part, or the last piece.   There is this character on YT that looks for civil war relics.  Aquachigger.  I find myself thinking at times, I wonder when the last dropped miniball will be found?  When will the last artillery shell come up out of the ground?  Kind of strange I guess, but no one knows how many were made, used or still exist.

I do the same thing with parts.  Finding this part that I needed was fortuitous.  I wonder how much NOS is out there for a Logan 200, or a LeBlond?  How do you find it, and how would you know that was the last piece?  Inquiring minds want to know...



First load in the soak went well. Got the small parts and the compound rest done. They came out pretty. No wear to speak of on this. I guess it got misplaced in it's youth.  No complaints!  It is truly NOS (new old stock).   I need to make a trough for the cross slide.  It will be soaked today.  May even have pictures tonight.  I did not expect the paint to fail like that.  Usually, Evaporust® won't pull paint.

The screw, escutcheons and gib look like new, too.  Hand wheel looks okay.  It'll shine up with use.

Do you see those VEE shaped marks on the left?  Are those the original scrapes or machining marks??  WOW, they are clear and crisp.  So are the markings on the dial.  No real wear to speak of.  Brand new.

Even a blind hog can root up an acorn once in a while

New Tool Alert!

 I found this rusty bucket on the auction site, and got it for a decent price.  Especially compared to every one else's idea of decent.  She cleaned up nice.  I need to dig out the buffing wheel and give her a shine.  But she is usable as is....

This side was up and rusty, not the dull finish on the barrel

This side was down and came out a bit shiny compared to the other side

Cross slide is soaking.  Got a bit more to go before I haul it out and start the hot water scrub on it.  Then the drying and oiling.....  Fun times.

Ya'll have a good evening!


  1. nos treasures.....Lol!!!!!!

    Got a garage full of them!!!!

    1. Oh man! I bet so. What do you think about those Vee marks?

    2. I think those are regular machining marks, but the pattern does not make a lot of sense to me. You would think that if a fly cutter or face mill was big enough to leave nearly straight marks it you would see the pattern continued onto the right-hand way surface as well. I am a member of the Logan Lathe group over on, and I am pretty sure that Scott Logan said they did not scrape the way surfaces. I did not see any evidence of scraping on my 955 before I worked on the compound. I found a pretty good example of what scraping looks like over on ABom79's Youtube channel: This scraping pattern was used to make the part flat. If this was going to be a sliding surface, after scraping it flat, he would flake the surface for oil retention. Scraping tools are ground to a radius rather than pointed, and do not leave a pointed groove unless the scraper hand is messing up...

    3. Thanks for the visit. Your welcome anytime! I have a bud that is a fair scraping hand. He's shown me some of the work and I've watched a bit of the King classes on a few YT channels.

      That's why this stood out. Those marks are at a precise angle and don't make any sense at all. If this had been used a bunch, they wouldn't be there. So, I'm still at a loss as to what they are, and why. But I sure am excited that they are there.

      The pattern where the clinch bolt on the sliding shoe shoes typical face milling marks. Those VEE marks sure have me puzzling. My puzzler isn't sore yet, though.

      Come by anytime.

    4. ack..... ....shoe shows typical.....

  2. STxAR, I will take you word that these are marvels. I am sure they will look better after your care.

    1. Finding a 75 year old new part is kinda special. Hence the first 2 paragraphs. At some point they have all been found or scrapped or lost.

      I'll post a few pictures from craigslist. The man I bought the parts from a year or so ago finally finished his rebuild of a Logan much like mine. Mine is used and oily.... His.... oh baby....