Wednesday, August 25, 2021


Beauty is in The Eye of the Beholder

This is what the man that sold me the taper parts a year or so ago does. He's an old machinist and has several shops on his spot. Look at this beautiful work. Some may think it's putting lipstick on a pig, but in 1954 a Logan 200 cost about $410.00  Today that works out to $4,161.01 if you figure 3.5% inflation each year.  So this man basically made the Logan brand new, plus it has a lot of tooling.  It is normal to spend more on tooling than you spent on your machine.  He's only asking $500 over the adjusted original price for a lot bells and whistles to go with it.


She is basically new.  I saw it when it was in process.  He does really nice work.


Memories of Mountain Home and DAG

Mountain Home, TX is where the gunsmith that Dean Grennell recommended for building the .45 Super used to live.  The gunsmith is probably gone, and so is Dean.  Dean was a great guy.  Just read his stuff.  We corresponded for a couple years when I was reading his work to learn how to do what I needed to do back then.  He was class, front, back, clear through the middle. 


Dean Grennell

My favorite book

The 45 Super - Dean's baby


  1. Dang me, I'm behind and trying to catch up, sorry about that.
    I will say one thing right up front, if that lathe was in my neighborhood at that price it would already be sitting in my garage. The Wifely Unit could just go ahead and be mad for a while.
    What a beauty!
    Nice score on the Taper pieces.
    Looks like you will get that squared away right proper.
    Sorry to hear about the health issues.
    That Cytokine Storm stuff is nothing to mess with, it will friggin' kill ya.
    I'd say just take it easy, like you have any choice, until you can build some strength back up.
    I'm starting to think we are related or something with the run of luck you have had.
    Knock it off!
    I'll say a couple of prayers for you, maybe things will lighten up a bit.

    1. No sweat brother. You've had a full load too. Man, I have about 40% lung capacity. So I can run out of air just by doing something normal like taking out the trash.
      I'll 'fess up, I figure we are somehow. We think alike, and act alike. It's kinda funny...

  2. That looks amazing STxAR. Thank you for sharing!

    So hard to find that level of craftsmanship in our era of planned obselence.

    1. Exactly. I don't mind going old school, as those tools and machines were built to last. They can be repaired down to the component, where most of the newer stuff needs assemblies replaced. It was a different world back then. One I understand better than the one I'm in...

  3. That means I should be able to get about $12,569 for my 14" Rockwell lathe..... You have seen it, what do you think?

    1. You bet! Man, if I had the money, and the need, I'd drop it on you. I know the kind of work you do.

      But at some point the simple example breaks down. All things being equal, you should see that kind of return on a new Rockwell. But we won't. That Logan is more a museum piece.

      I have hope he will sell it. I mean, a house on our block went for over $200K, and right across the street is a place that has no real roof or ceiling. That hovel might be worth 10K for the dirt it sits on.

      Selling your Rockwell might be possible in this weird time we are in.