Wednesday, July 28, 2021

I Aplogize, Most Humbly

 When I was a kid, we played cowboys and indians.  I had my hat, vest, chaps, a belt with 2 silver cap guns...  I was born wearing jeans and boots (sorry about that mom). My sister said I was a self proclaimed "do dun dowdoy".  I've always had an admiration for the folks that settled the west, and those that were the best light cavalry on this continent.  I know I have at least one side represented in my lineage.  I have pictures on my walls right now that hung in my parent's room growing up.  Cowboys, Indians, western subjects,  old farm houses... I still consider my self a DOT (danged ol' Texan) that is riding line and looking for strays.
If this were me, I'd have my left leg hooked around the saddle horn too.

I don't hit the office much, and my area to cover is south Texas.  So I a wound up being a cowboy, well, sort of anyway...

----Non PC Content Below The Fold----

----content that was perfectly fine in 1977---- 

Uh... Post Title? Beuler?  Bueler?

This was hanging in my room all through my childhood, until I left home.


 I remember that, read it a million times.  I try to live it too.  It's a Texas prarie version of the golden rule, again, sort of...  Not the "he who has the gold makes the rules", but the other one.

Today, I had a vivid movietone news reel run through my mind, even had Walter Winchell narrating...  Hard stuff to see and hear, while I coughed my liver out and gasped like a trout on the bank...  (I thought the output was adjustable!!!!!! Is it empty???  How did it get BETWEEN two numbers?)

The Apology

To all the old farts, stub farts, antiques, prune folks, blue hairs, ancient ones, wheezing geezers, old timers, and any other less than attractive name I have ever thought, said or laughed at, I am sorry I ever did that, I apologize, and ask for your forgiveness.  Those times I saw you flop into your car and wonder what you were DOING in there, I know now.  "COME ON, we've been here 5 minutes waiting on that space!!!!"  Yes, sonny, we have.  Do you want me to drive like a hypoxic zombie through this parking lot, or are you willing to cool your jets and let me come up to a decent O2 saturation?  Oh, and struggling with a seat belt for that long?  Yeah, yeah it can happen.  Took me 40 minutes to unload the car too!  So, I understand now.  The moccasins are NOT comfortable, and I barely put them on.  That struggle is real.  
And I am sorry I ever did that, and I won't do it again.  Honest Injun.


  1. STxAR, I think this is probably the lament of everyone at some point in their lives. As most of use "oldsters" know all to well, it is very difficult to convince the young that this is the future. I would not have believed it either and did not. If we are lucky we grasp it before we too are old; at worst it catches us unaware.

    1. I was always high speed, low drag. In a hurry, conscious of time. Boy today was a tough one. I will be out of it for a day at least. The difficulty was amazing. Usually, I'm spry, great reflexes, and observant. Not today. Had to settle for observant and slower than molasses at Christmas.

  2. All hail the stubfarts, STxAR. We see all, we know all, and the value of our wisdom and company will not be realized until after we are gone. As it went for our elders, so shall it be for us. So shall it be for the kids that try us.

    It serves you right for wearing mocs. For heaven’s sake - wear boots, man. You’re a Texan! 😉👍

    Fact is, Ben though I am a spry spring chicken - I could use a break too! How about we make camp here, and we all take a break. You can roll a smoke, I will pour the drinks, and TB can do all the chores while we recuperate? Us stubfarts need to stick together.

    1. I'm gonna start packing right now. I know my knots and can split wood so I won't be a worthless date. That is an invitation only R. E. Tardo could refuse. And the mocs, just a figure of speech. I was born wearing boots and jeans. Tough on mom, but warn't my fault. I figure if I was supposed to be nekkid, I'da been born that way.

      You mentioned that summer is about done up there, and that sounds good. We haven't gotten into the meat of summer yet. Summer starts in April and extends thru October at times. The last few years, it's started to wane in late August, early September.

  3. I want to apologize to my mother for when I laughed at her for mixing up names.
    Now that I'm doing it I fail to see the humor!

    1. Yup, that is exactly how I felt gasping in the car like a trout on the river bank. Wasn't a thing I could do about it. Seems like life is a round of humble yourself, or be humbled.

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