Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Projects Update

 So, I have been doing some work in the shop.  Here is a bit of fun stuff.  Everyone likes pictures, yes?


If I can find who owns this, I will make an offer...

Oh baby.

Here is the manufacturers plate

Part Duece

I need to finish these out.  The wheel order got canceled, then reordered, then, dang it....

chuck trees

Number 3

The shafting for a project got south Texas rusty.  Just finished polishing them on the Logan.  It is 74 and still looks young.  Works a treat for this.

first 7 out of 14

half way done

polished up nicely with red Scotchbrite

Lets not go thru that again


Buddy had a vise that was missing a..... nut.  So, I made two, and then had to source carriage bolts to fit, because metric isn't the same as 5/8 x 11.... oh well.  Live and learn.

original on left, new ones center and right



I picked up some 3/8 mild rod yesterday to make the cross pins.  Not even started on them yet.  But that is on the list for tomorrow.  Till then, a 5/16 bolt works.


It has been windy down here.  Cold front will move through, maybe strongly, then back up as a warm front, strongly, then here comes the cold again.  That has played merry hob with my noggin.  But knowing why I start to fold up has forced me to mind the weather a LOT closer than I have before.

The prismatic colors of the ice clouds was subtle and beautiful

More to follow as I get stuff done and, hopefully, unfold my head space.

 Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That is a sweet winch! Good luck! And a lovely photograph.

    I wonder if paying attention to the weather because of physiological impacts is just a "getting older" thing. I have noticed that the weather affects me much more than it used to.

    1. My sister in law used to work with old folks as a CNA. She mentioned the same to me, as well as the loss of the filter. Times I hear my thoughts coming out of my mouth, and I blush mightily. Both are a part of aging, but the instantaneous onset leads me to believe it was the injury.

      I've never been addled headed before a front, and running normal after it arrives. It's taken a while to correlate, but I think I'm right. Subjective things are difficult when one is used to facts and figures.

  2. Cut me off about 6 foot of that 3/8 rod and bring it my way next time you come this way. I'll be glad to pay you for it.

    1. Got the order... Delivery might be a day or seven...

  3. The movie, "The Princess Bride", has left me a changed man.
    If you remember how the wedding official pronounced "marriage," then you know how my mental voice reads "carriage" like in "carriage bolts."

    The winch (not wench) would make chuck changes on the big lathe both easier and safer.

    1. I have two fixes in mind for those big chucks. One I already have. I just need to finish it up. It's a "crane" that mounts on the lathe bed when needed.

      I found out those barn door rollers that run in an double U track can carry 400 lbs!! I have some of those in my future as well. At least that's the plan. Nice little rolling block with a smallish chain hoist / come along looking deal...

      I pastored a church for a couple years, and did a few weddings. It took most all of my self control at times.

    2. And my long passed machinist father's words just came out of nowhere and into my head.
      He said, "No matter how securely you think you have the lathe chuck, put wood on the ways."
      I pretty sure that was the voice of experience.

    3. I hear my dad at times, too. I'm not sure I believe in string theory, but there is a place in my mind where the old ones still live and talk.

      My son in law wound up with some old redwood. Big chunks of it. He gave some to me, so I bandsawed out a couple chuck rests, for the Logan and the Leblond. Being able to thread chucks on without having to support them is wonderful. And it keeps me from dropping them on the ways... Wise words from a good man. Cheap insurance.